LG partners with SVT Robotics to accelerate development of autonomous mobile robots

April 11, 2024

LG Business Solutions is collaborating with SVT Robotics, a software provider that empowers IT teams to seamlessly integrate, monitor and scale automation to integrate LG’s new CLOi CarryBot autonomous mobile robots into US warehouse environments. By leveraging the SoftBot Platform from SVT Robotics, prebuilt integrations easily enable the LG CLOi CarryBot AMRs to connect to virtually any warehouse management solution. The SoftBot Platform streamlines integration between hardware and software partners including Warehouse Management Systems, Warehouse Execution Systems, Material Control Systems, vertical lifts, packaging automation and more.

Europe’s truck and bus CEOs launch manifesto for zero-emission vehicles as EU inks deal on CO2 reduction rules

April 11, 2024

EU law makers have sealed a deal cementing the most ambitious CO2-reduction targets for trucks and buses globally by 2030. While vehicle targets are part of the puzzle for decarbonising truck and bus transport, it is insufficient to only regulate the supply side without addressing demand roadblocks. 

Decarbonising truck and bus transport is a team sport involving many players across the entire transport and logistics ecosystem.

Hyundai plans to invest billions in South Korea to boost EV production

April 08, 2024

Hyundai Motor Group plans to invest $50 billion and hire 80,000 employees in South Korea through 2026. Over half the new Hyundai hires — about 44,000 people — will work on electrification, including “large-scale hiring” to build and operate new electric vehicle plants and SDVs.

The company will focus its investments and hiring on electrification, software-defined vehicles, autonomous driving, robotics and advanced air mobility.

FORD updates EV, hybrid plans and prepares manufacturing plants

April 08, 2024

Ford Motor Co. is retiming the launch of EVs and expanding its hybrid vehicles offerings as it continues to fine-tune its strategy for next-generation vehicles. The automaker said it will continue to build out an advanced manufacturing system, including greenfield construction and upgrades to its existing assembly plants — while it prepares to produce its next-generation electric vehicles.

Latest commodity prices: April 2024

April 03, 2024

Energy prices gained 2% in March, led by coal (+5.9%) and natural gas Europe (+5%).

Non-energy prices increased (+2.2%).

Food prices inched up by 0.6%.

BMW Group and Tata Technologies aim to collaborate for the development of Automotive Software and Business IT solutions

April 02, 2024

The BMW Group and Tata Technologies, a global product engineering and digital services company, have announced that they have signed an agreement to form a JV with the aim to establish a software and IT development hub with locations in India. The main development and operations activities shall be established at Bangalore and Pune. In Chennai, the focus shall be on business IT solutions. This collaboration between Tata Technologies and BMW Group represents a shared vision of innovation and excellence in automotive engineering and digital solutions.

Flying Car Startup Selling 100 Vehicles to Dubai Company

April 02, 2024

Flying car startup Pal-V has received an order for 100 of its flying vehicles from Aviterra, a Dubai company that plans to bring the flying vehicles to the Middle East and Africa. 

The Pal-V (personal air and land vehicle) vehicle Liberty is certified to drive on public roads and expects its aviation certification this year.

The Pal-V Pioneer Edition is powered by e-fuels and hybrid fuel technologies. Pal-V has different versions of its Liberty flying car, including a sport edition and a pioneer edition, which is highly personalized.

Heilind Electronics and Panduit to showcase at Automotive Expo in Sibiu

March 13, 2024

Heilind Electronics, a global leader in connector distribution, and Panduit, a renowned supplier of networking and electronic solutions, will participate in the upcoming Automotive Expo & B2B Meetings, co-located with the Manufacturing Expo in Sibiu, Romania. With a network spanning 40 locations worldwide, including a new facility in Germany, Heilind ensures efficient order processing and offers global "Value-Added Services." Together with Panduit, a provider of innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions, Heilind will present the latest advancements in electronics, mobile solutions, software development and energy technologies at Automotive Expo.

BMW Group and NTT DATA establish a Joint Venture in Romania

March 11, 2024

BMW and NTT DATA have signed an agreement to establish a Joint Venture in Romania. The BMW Group and NTT DATA have been collaborating across a wide array of projects for over 30 years. 

The companies announce plans to open a new software development center for software solutions in Cluj-Napoca. This collaboration aims to assist the carmaker in leading the digital transformation.

FORVIA HELLA receives further series orders for digital Smart Car Access system

March 07, 2024

Series production will start in Romania and Mexico in 2025; in this context, FORVIA HELLA will also bring the NCAP-relevant safety function "Child Presence Detection" based on ultra-wideband technology onto the streets for the first time.

The Smart Car Access system from FORVIA HELLA is based on ultra-wideband technology (UWB). The system allows the end user to open and close the car completely hands-free and start the engine without having to pick up their smartphone. 

Latest commodity prices: March 2024

March 06, 2024

Energy prices increased 1.1% in February, led by oil (+3.7%).

Raw materials gained 0.8%, while beverages surged by 12.7%. 

Metal prices declined by 1.9%, led by iron ore (-8.4%) and zinc (-6.2%).

Folia, innovative metalworking fluid technology. The outstanding solution for you and your operations

March 06, 2024

TotalEnergies is a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity.

The Folia range is a revolution in the field of metalworking. It is a bio sourced and water-based fluid free of oils and emulsifiers. With a high lubricity and an excellent colling power, it offers users a unique solution for multiple metalworking operations.

Bosch, Microsoft to Use Generative AI to Make Roads Safer

March 04, 2024

Bosch has teamed with Microsoft to explore how to harness generative AI for vehicle enhancements and safety. The collaboration aims to improve automated driving functions using generative AI. 

The expectation is that generative AI will enable vehicles to assess situations and react accordingly, and in this way keep road users even safer.

Samsung, Magna and Allison Transmission invest $25M in Niron Magnetics

March 04, 2024

Niron Magnetics, a startup developing high-performance, rare earth-free permanent magnets has received $25 million in new strategic funding in a round led by Samsung Ventures. The company is developing more sustainable and affordable rare earth-free permanent magnets, which can be used for EV motors and other applications. The Minnesota-based company is also backed by three major automakers: General Motors, Stellantis and Volvo Cars. 

SOMIPRESS supplies high-quality aluminium die-casting parts to companies in the Automotive and Mechanical industries

February 28, 2024

SOMIPRESS ROMANIA  is a company part of SOMIGroup an Italian group founded in 1972, working in the field of aluminium die-casting.

It supplies high-quality aluminium die-casting parts to the Automotive, Household Appliances and Mechanical industry companies.

You can contact Somipress at +40261770266; and visit their website