Participants 2018

is a leading Romanian car manufacturer, a subsidiary of the French car manufacturer Renault. The Dacia manufacturing plant in Mioveni, Arges County is currently Europe’s fifth biggest car manufacturing facility in terms of volume produced with a total of over 550 000 units (cars and CKD kits) delivered worldwide.
Renault Technologie Roumanie
Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR) is Renault Group’s largest engineering center, outside of France. Models from Global Access range are sold worldwide, being designed, tested and developed by RTR. The design, engineering and industrialization of several models are made in Romania.
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures and distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 187,000 employees and 62 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln.
is one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, offering brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires, and technical elastomers. The company contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection, and is also an expert partner in networked automobile communication.
TE Connectivity
is a world leader in connectivity, which designs and manufactures solutions that connect and protect data and power. The company operates in more than 150 countries in a variety of industries including automotive, data communication systems, consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and marine, medical, energy, and lighting.
is one of the largest German industrial companies and an important automotive supplier worldwide. The company develops and manufactures lighting technology and electronics for the automobile industry and has one of the largest aftermarket organizations for vehicle parts, accessories, diagnostics and service in Europe.
is a world market leader in gas struts and hydraulic vibration dampers, with expertise in linkage systems: automobile and furniture industries, housing and building technology and medical products as well as rehabilitation technology. The company gas struts, dampers, and electric drives allow to optimize opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, and adjusting actions.
is present in 14 countries worldwide with production and/or development facilities for the automotive industry. The company develops and produces mechanical and electronic key systems, lock sets, steering locks, remote control systems, telematic and tire pressure monitoring systems.
Star Transmission (Daimler)
is part of the German group Daimler. The company was founded in 2001 and now it has more than 2.600 employees. Star Transmission produces parts through soft and hard machining processes, including heat treatment, galvanizing and assembling. The company services include: cutting, turning, drilling, milling, cold rolling, finishing and resistance sandblasting.
Makita Corporation is a global company, of Japanese origins and also, mainly Japanese management worldwide with main Plants established in the following countries: Japan, US, UK, Romania, China, Brazil and Thailand. One of our goals, here in Makita Manufacturing Romania, is to localize the components that build up our electrical power tools. Romanian plant establish near Bucharest city in 2006, with mainly production of power tools.
is an automotive parts company based in Japan. The company has production facilities on four continents, with its European headquarters located in Germany, where it also has nine production facilities. Takata makes seat belts, air bags, and other products that help to keep people safe. Most of the components Takata produces cannot be seen. They are based on sophisticated technologies and in the event of an emergency, they go into action in less time than it takes to blink an eye to help keep automobile passengers safe.
Karl Berrang
We are a family business that has specialized in providing mechanical joining technology for over 60 years. By working closely with our customers, we develop technically impressive solutions that suit the budget of each individual case. This includes identifying optimal solutions for our customers’ procurement processes and logistics requirements.
Marquardt Schaltsysteme
We are a leading manufacturer in the field of electro-mechanical and electronic switches and switching systems. Our products are used by many well-known automobile manufacturers and our systems are also found in household appliances and other industrial applications. In the field of power tool switches, we are the global market leader.
Flex designs and builds Intelligent Products for a Connected World™. With approximately 200,000 professionals across 30 countries, Flex provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight, and logistics services to companies of all sizes and industries.
We design and manufacture heat exchangers and cooling systems for vehicle and industrial applications, as well as various metal parts and welded structures. Our products serve the needs of worldwide customers operating in industries such as automotive, agriculture & forestry machinery, construction machinery, industrial machinery, oil & gas, chemical processes, industrial processes, power generation and co-generation, railway, marine, extractive or defense.
ZES Zollner Electronic
The electronics contract manufacturer Zollner develops and produces individual parts, modules, devices as well as complex systems for customers in different industry sectors such as automotive, office electronics and data systems technology, industrial electronics, aviation, measurement, medical systems, telecommunications and other consumer goods.
Simea (Siemens)
Our field of activity is the manufacturing of low-voltage electrotechnical equipment's, such as: automatic switches, differential and safety switches, relay and switch fuses, command and control equipment for the world market. We are also a supplier of sub assemblies generally made by spot welding for other factories in the division that are located in Turkey, India or Brazil.
Kendrion Industrial
Kendrion develops advanced electromagnetic and mechatronic solutions for industrial and automotive applications. The company is a solution provider, which develops, manufactures and markets advanced electromagnetic and mechatronic systems and components for customers all over the world.
Celestica enables the world’s best brands. Through our unrivalled customer-centric approach, we partner with leading companies in numerous markets to deliver solutions for their most complex challenges. A leader in design, manufacturing, hardware platform and supply chain solutions, Celestica brings global expertise and insight at every stage of product development – from the drawing board to full-scale production and after-market services.
Federal - Mogul
is an innovative and diversified global supplier of quality products, trusted brands and creative solutions to manufacturers of automotive, light commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles, as well as in power generation, aerospace, marine, rail and industrial. The company sells and distributes a broad portfolio of products in the global vehicle aftermarket, while also serving original equipment (OE/OES) manufacturers with vehicle products.
As a globally leading specialist, Kathrein has unique know-how: our business fields cover a wide range of communication technologies. We produce intelligent solutions for the connected world – and clearly aim to remain a step ahead. We think ahead to the future of communication technology. Business fields: Business solutions, mobile communication, satelite reception, special communication, broadcast and automotive.
is the world's largest automotive safety supplier, with sales to all major car manufacturers in the world. The company develops, manufactures and markets airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels, passive safety electronics and active safety systems, including brake control systems, radar, night vision and camera vision systems.
Thyssenkrupp Bilstein
Driven by ideas and innovation, ThyssenKrupp is one of the most important integrated materials and technology groups offering solutions for sustainable progress worldwide. Eight business areas focus the Group's activities and know-how in the strategic competency areas of Materials and Technologies. Our 200,000 employees are committed and skilled to meet the challenges of the markets: high-performance materials and plants, components and systems.
Sogefi Air & Cooling
is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of air intake and cooling systems, with 4 production sites in Europe (3 in France and 1 in Romania). Sogefi Group is a leading global supplier of original parts for the automotive industry, with over 35 years of experience. The company designs, develops and produces filtration systems and flexible suspension components, as well as air management and engine cooling systems.
The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, and is divided into the four business sectors of Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group’s products and services are designed to improve the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial.
C&E Minibus
Since 2000, C&E MINIBUS has been active in the minibuses transformation and coachworking market, which has allowed the company to accumulate a vast experience and continuously improve the quality of their services. They provide: coachworks for minibuses, interior upholstery, assembling of: air conditioning, additional heater, pneumatic suspensions.
Mitsubishi Electric
With 90 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products to the consumers all over the world, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a recognized world leader in industrial automation, manufacturing, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment. Our devices are successfully used in industries such as, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial technology, life science, energy, water management and building equipment.
Anorom Company is specialized in the treatment of aluminium and aluminium surfaces. The surface treatments which Anorom performs are suitable both for the bright pieces of a laminated material and for the cast pieces.
Component of DEKEM group with two other companies located in two powerful industrialized areas of France, Edorom Metal Romania provides metal products obtained by cold plastic deformation (stamping,cutting, drawing). We have automatic presses (from 40 to 250 T) and we work with progressive tools mainly (bending and assembly too). Raw materials have thickness: 0,3 to 4 mm (steel, stainless steel, copper, bras, galvanized steel etc).
is a subsidiary of Jacquemet Group, which is specialized in metal assemblies and springs since 1926, offering a global solution for wire metal strips and tube conversion through processing and manufacturing wire springs of all types: torsion, compression, traction and flat.
Euro Sandow
is one of the leading producers for custom made elastic nets, shock cords, bungee cords, elastic straps, luggage and floor nets for a wide variety of securing applications. Most of the products are designed for the automotive industry as a 2nd tear supplier.
MDE Converting
is a global leading company specialized in 3M adhesive tapes processing. The company also has a stamping line for adhesive tapes personalization. MDE Converting offers adhesives, adhesive tapes, labels material, removable assembling systems, die cutting, design and manufacturing, and flexo tapes.
Lucefin Group is one of the largest manufacturers specializing in the production of cold drawn steel bars round / square / hexagon / special and peeled bars . We produce drawn bars round profile from 5 to 80mm, hexagon from 4 to 100mm, plates from 2x6 to 80x400mm, square from 3x3 to 100x100mm and peeled bars 30-140mm carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. In our 4 production units and 10 commercial units annually we produce and sell approximately 220,000 tons of steel worldwide. Our products are used in production of parts for different machines or industries.
is one of the main Romanian producers of electrical cables, control cables, brake and clutch, for motor vehicle, cords and leads, insulated, electric, with moulded-on plugs, cable assemblies, wiring harnesses/looms and cable connector assemblies.
DS Smith
as a leading provider of corrugated packaging in Europe and of specialist plastic packaging worldwide, the company operates across 25 countries. DS Smith, Plastics division is an over 30-year manufacturer of flexible packaging, filling equipment, dispensers and temperature controlled packaging worldwide, and rigid packaging returnables in Europe.
is a Romanian leading plastics processors. The company manufactures technical components, molds, consumer goods, and subcontracts finished goods. Its core competencies are in injection molding, blow molding, plastic parts decoration, and assembling of finished goods.
Delta Rom Technologies
is part of Delta Composants, Delta International Corporation and AMTE (Auge Group) which produce connections for diodes, airbag electrodes, circuit breaker axis, metallic wires and strips, wire harnesses and stamping parts.
With over 60 years of experience in cable protection, the Schlemmer Group develops, produces and sells matured systems for the Automotive Industry and Appliances divisions. From corrugated tube extrusion through lightweight processes to precision injection moulding, Schlemmer company has become one of the leading value added partners in fastening technology and plastic solutions.
DC Technology
DC Technology offers a wide range of innovative and cost saving equipment for the industry. The company range of products and services includes equipment, measuring and control devices that have multiple applications for automotive industries, railway, constructions, heavy industrial, home appliances, renewable energy and other industries.
UTTIS Tratamente Termice SRL provides heat treatment services (annealing, normalizing, quenching in controlled atmosphere, tempering, vacuum quenching and tempering, carburizing, nitriding, stress-relieving) and metallography analyses (carburized or nitrided case depths, microhardness profiles on carburized or nitrided case depths).
Kvalix Automatika
Kvalix Automatika is a competent partner in factory automation. Located in Hungary and Romania, Kvalix Automatika is distributor of sensors and controllers for industrial automation, designs and produces special purpose inspection and assembly machines, and performs precise and quality machining of custom and small series metal and plastic parts.
Antalis Romania
is a global provider of advanced packaging solutions, offering a unique combination of size, innovative new products and commitment to customer service. The company also provide packaging machinery and servicing to make the processes more efficient.
Lubricant RO OIL
LUBRICANT SRO is a company specialized in technical fields, which has been operating on the markets in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland since 1993. They company is present on the Romanian market through LUBRICANT RO OIL starting with 2015. Among the products offered there are: special lubricants, plastic lubricants, lubricants for the food industry, solutions for machining, forming and stamping, plastics injection products, biodegradable lubricants, industrial oils, oils used in the automotive field. The company provides complete services, including distribution, counseling, diagnosis and training.
Risk Management Company
is a private-owned Romanian company, established in 2005. Its core business is LASER cutting of metal sheets and pipes using state-of-the art TRUMPF technology.The laser technology that is used allows for the most complex patterns of cutting for steel, inox or aluminium. Cutting can be 2D (METAL SHEET) as well as 3D (PIPES). Laser-cut objects can be bent on a state-of-the art DURMA abkant , equipped with a full tool box.
is an industrial producer of plastic protective elements and other technical parts made out of plastic. Since 1949, the family-owned company, with its five production sites and 550 injection moulding machines, thermoforming lines and extruders, has grown into a leading manufacturer in the plastics processing industry. Pöppelmann has over 2,000 highly-qualified employees and customers in over 90 countries.
Vibroblast is a Romanian company made up of highly experienced specialists, working in the surface finishing industry for over 10 years. The company offer technical consultancy, with customized solutions for surface treatment, starting from the individual requirements of each industrial manufacturer, whether they are milling metal parts, turned parts, castings, forged parts, garments and metal constructions or even wooden parts.
PQ Plast
Injection molded plastic parts & modules. Supplier for Tier1/Tier2: interior, exterior, safety, decorative & more. PQ-Plast is production subsidiary of Gentner/Germany - a family owned company 3rd generation. Capabilities: Engineering & development, Tool shop, Injection molding, Painting shop, Assembly lines, Surface covering technologies, Test/control & measuring equipments, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949.
Chimica Orastie
Chimica (Chimsport, Chimica Automotive, Chimica Research & Development, Chimica Navete, Chimica Ves) is one of the biggest integrated industrial processors in Central and Eastern Europe, with world class capabilities. The company develops the production of molds and parts for the production of plastic injection, providing also drilling components, compliance, assembly and installation, packaging, decoration pieces; metal processing - aluminum and carbon, rolling, debiting, jointing, machining, brushing, turning, milling, pressing, draping, polishing.
is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs. The company delivers products and services for the automotive industry and food safety solutions. Festo stands for innovation and technology in 176 countries throughout the world.
is sustaining activities in three different fields: supplying in-store communication products, furniture and various other infrastructure elements; production of standard and custom made plastic displays; import and supplying of corporate identity clothing and promotional items. Supplying in-store communication products is the company core business, a niche where we are market leader in Romania.
Plast Group
is a group of companies, experienced in Plastic Injection Moulding for Automotive & Household Appliances markets with 3 plants in Italy, Romania and Russia. Main products: high esthetic parts with decorations, automotive interior & exterior visual parts, functional & technical parts. Main Capabilities: full process from -> injection & assembly-> Q tests->delivery. All plants are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949.
Hifi Filter Rom
The HIFI FILTER Group offers the widest range of filters in Europe, with daily shipments, 30000 available references in stock, 26 000 m² warehouse facilities in Europe, 26 km retail display space in Europe, 1.7 million products in stock. The most complete range of filters in the world.
Florke Production
Flörke Production is a German company with tradition in design, development and production of plastic injection molds, dies and SDVs, thermoforming molds and other products. Following the new market trends, our efforts have been also directed towards the automotive industry. Our new generation equipment, CNC mills, erosion machines and laser welding, allows us to perform any repair or change of the existing molds as well as to develop new molds.
Hubata Seals
Hubata Seals was founded, fully orientated towards trade with industrial and automobile seals. The Company offers a wide range of seals: shaft seals, O-rings, Grommets, Special molding rubber, polyurethane and silicone parts, rubber cords, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, sealing rings, wipers and others. With over 25 years of experience , we are ready to become your reliable partner.
AAGES SA, founded in 1990, designs and produces a large range of induction heating equipment, used in different areas of industrial application: heat treatments, like surface hardening, melting in coreless and channel furnaces, heating for metal forming by pressing, forging, rolling, stamping and extrusion, heating for brazing, warm assembly, plastic coating and other applications. At our workshop we also undertake induction heat treatment.
Eurodac Automation
Eurodac supplies automated equipment, machinery and plant automation for automotive plants: assembly, material handling and transportation. To ensure an one stop machine production solution, our company integrates all the required departments as : mechanical design, machining, fabrication, assembly, electrical engineering for electrical cabinets and programming, service technicians as well.
Polipack from Hungary is a middle sized company, founded in 1989 and has 100% Hungarian private ownership from 1995. Main activities are blow moulding and extrusion. Our main products are: freezer components, electric water heaters tank , drying machines components, edge protectors, gardening or power tools components.
Ada Computers
For 26 years, ADA is providing companies with software solutions for product lifecycle management, integrated with complete services, essential for any product development starting with analysis phase, testing, implementation, continuing with training sessions and dedicated support.
Bosch Rexroth
Bosch Rexroth. The Drive & Control Company. Economical, precise, safe and energy efficient: drive and control technology from Bosch Rexroth moves machines and systems of any size. The company bundles global application experience in the market segments of machines and systems of Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications and Engineering, and Factory Automation to develop innovative components as well as tailored system solutions and services.
Zirom came into prominence, over the last decades, as one of the largest producers of titanium and titanium alloys in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The products manufactured are intended both for cutting edge fields (aviation and nuclear areas) and various fields (metallurgy, chemical industry, medical technique and devices).
Roechling Precision Components
Röchling it’s a medium-sized corporate group that specializes in plastics injection. We are one of the global leaders in this field. The capital goods sector, automotive industry, medical and pharmaceutical technology providers – our innovative products are trusted by a wide variety of customers. And yet, our aim is always the same: We see what our customers need and provide them with the solutions they seek.
Group Allio Romania
Allio Romania is located in modern premises on the Bucharest ring road. Specializing in design and manufacture of checking fixtures and production tools in the areas of automotive and aerospace, our company offers its customers, including well-known contractors, tailor-made solutions and services of high quality. ALLIO Romania can also make prototype parts and models using different technologies in order to meet the needs of its customers.
Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment
Electroprecizia S.A. Group, established in 1936, has a long experience in the field of plastic injection,electric and electronic equipment manufacturing. Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment S.R.L was established in august 2009 and it is specialized in plastic injections, electric and electronic equipment manufacturing, mounting and assembling. We also manufactures products designed within Electroprecizia SA, and carries out Lohn production.
Ro-mega Trade
Ro-Mega Trade represents in Romania the world well-know companies in machine tools business Doosan & Quality Control Business: Mahr, Wenzel, Faro, Renishaw, Innovmetric, OGP and Matrix. For the full range of our equipment, Ro-Mega Trade provides its customers with technical advice on purchase, commissioning, personal training and warranty and after-warranty services.
NuTechnologies is a company specialized in promoting innovative industrial equipment and services: 3D printers ( plastic / metal ), 3D scanners, laser systems for cutting, welding, 2D and 3D marking. We are authorized technical and commercial representative for: Stratasys –World leader for professional 3D printing systems, ZEISS Optotechnik –Professional optical 3D scanning systems and Sisma –Italian market leader for laser systems.
Exact Systems
Exact Systems is a leading provider of quality control solutions, repair and sorting of parts, components and finished products for the automotive industry. The main customers of the company are providers and suppliers to the automotive industry and car manufacturers.
is a Romanian private owned production company, working in the field of Automotive, Household Appliances and other Industrial markets. Having more than 50 years of experience in injection molding and stamping, our other core competencies include assembling, CNC turning, electroplating in cylindrical drums and pad printing. We are ISO TS 16949:2009 certified beginning with 2011.
Werner Seeger Qualitätsmanagement
Werner Seeger Quality Management Romania is the leading provider of management consulting, auditing and training in quality and environmental management in Romania. As official partner of the VDA QMC we offer licensed automotive auditor trainings according German standards. Our expertise is increasingly demanded for temporary management mandates, as in the case of restructuring or relocation measures.
is a competent partner for all projects requiring fluid technology in connection with hydraulics, electronics, systems and engineering. Hydac was founded in 1963, as a company for hydraulic accessories and today, it is an internationally active company group with over 50 branch offices and 500 trade and service partners world-wide. Hydac components can be found in all areas of industrial and mobile hydraulics.
ensutec Products GmbH
Increase transfer efficiency with ionised atomising compressed air and compressed air heating; thus saving up to 20% paint while improving quality. With its airmatic technology, ensutec Products GmbH provides top quality of the atomizing compressed air processing for application processes. The AIRMATIC System optimizes the paint atomization and extends the SB50 and the application efficiency.
Compa is a top supplier in the automotive field. Products: components for turbochargers, injection systems, steering systems, windscreen wipers; stampings; springs; air conditioning equipment; welded structures. Services: KTL, water base & powder painting, ZnNi coating;deep freezing; gas nitro carburizing; low pressure carburizing; vacuum quenching; design & production of industrial equipment. Main clients: Delphi, Bosch, Honeywell, Jtekt.
is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality products used for finishing surfaces and cutting off materials, abrasive products. The company corporate principle: everything from one source – from development and manufacturing to consulting and sales to after-sales service.
Cartex is representative for Romania of MEWO GmbH & Co. KG Germany a manufacturer of machines and technologies for cryogenic deburring of non-ferrous, rubber and plastic parts. We also execute on demand cryogenic deburring services for non-ferrous , rubber and plastic parts.
Componente Auto
Having over 35 year experience in the automotive industry, the company Componente Auto S.A. (CAT Group) recommends itself as a reliable partner both for the original equipment (OE) market, and for the spare part one by its activity of design, development and manufacture of parts and assemblies. We permanently focus on our technology innovation and on insuring the quality of our products at the highest international standards.
Allesro is a young Romanian company, founded in 2017 in order to respond to global clients in the automotive industry, mostly Tier 1 suppliers that needed support in various projects along Romania. Allesro is seeking to develop the business in areas like Resident Engineering, Supplier Assistance, Audits, CAD design, CAE, Manufacturing and CNC Programming not only locally but also with its partners around the world.
Kuehne + Nagel entered the Romanian market in 1994 and has became one of the leading logistics service providers in Romania offering its customers the full scope of logistic services: seafreight, airfreight, overland, contract logistics and customs brokerage.
Rösler Romania
For more than 80 years, Rösler has been offering an extensive portfolio in the world of mass finishing systems, shot blasting, consumables and services. Rösler is the world's only provider of surface treatment services, the two essential technologies - vibrating and sanding - in combination with industrial washing equipment, also creating and producing all the components.
Automotive parts by thermoplastic injection (25-3000t clamping force), electric industry products by thermoset compression (press machines of 160-1000t clamping force), thermoset injection (22-150t). Applied technologies include vibration and ultrasonic welding, manual and semi-automatic assembly, laser marking, pad printing. On-site tool shop for injection mold and compression tool designing, manufacturing, modification, repairment & maintenance.
Unis Group
Unis Group is an international service company established in 1984 and specialized in the repair and sales of industrial electronics. The electronics are cleaned, repaired and tested in accordance with strict quality standards. Unis Group employs a number of expert technicians supported by first-class measurement equipment and many test facilities. Our large stock of spares makes it possible to resolve defects even more quickly.
Trumpf Laser + Machinery
Taking manufacturing technology to the next level is our mission – and that means making it cost-efficient, accurate, future-proof and connected. We are a market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing. Our innovations play a role in virtually every sector of industry, from software that paves the way for smart factories to solutions for high-tech processes in industrial electronics.
CCL Design Hungary
CCL Design is a global company produces self-adhesive identification/marking/security label products to the automotive and electric industry mainly! Our Hungarian production site is in Tatabánya, so we can offer a high level of service to the CEE region for the industrial users! Wide range of base materials and the technical possibilities, flexo and screen printing technologies using in the printing process.
Alwo Therm
Alwo company is supported by Romanian private capital and entered in among those leading manufacturers of equipments and technologies for air filtration, pneumatic and mechanical transport equipment, storage and material handling, and so many other industrial equipments.
Renex is one of the biggest and longest operating companies in the electronic branch, supplying modern technologies for electronic production and services. We are the only company on the market to offer a client holistic service regarding production and service of electronic equipment. We have an extremely wide tools, systems, equipment, solvents and accessories offer selected to individual client’s requirements.
SMC Romania
SMC is world leader and expert in pneumatics. With its 12,000 base variants and over 700,000 constructive variants, SMC offers solutions from air preparation, instrumentation to distributors and actuators, covering virtually every step in the automation process.
CTS Romania
CTS Romania was founded in 2003, specialized in painting on: ABS, ABS-PC, PA, aluminium and steel. Also, we have the possibility to perform electroplating, like metal galvanization and plastic galvanization (ABS, ABS/PC). Our technology, ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 certifications, quality checking and logistic facts, guarantee high reliability for our customers.
MiniTec Solutions
MiniTec Solutions Romania is the local representative of MiniTec GmbH. MiniTec offers a flexible and optimized aluminum Profile System, with a complete range of high quality Accessories needed for the construction of a variety of Production Equipment like workstations, conveyors, trolleys, kanban systems, turnkey assembly solutions, automation, safety enclosures, linear positioning systems, automated pallet transfer systems and roller conveyors.
Knuth Machine Tools is a worldwide leading supplier of machine tools and accessories. The company develops projects for both engineering and manufacturing activities, based on a wide range of professional products and services such as: machine tools, tools and accessories, CAD-CAM software, automation solutions, CNC training, CNC programs, recruitment and training for CNC operators on Siemens, Fanuc and Haidenhaim.
Moldetipo Group
is an engineering and production molding company, which exports 100% of its production. Moldetipo has a very effective presence in the automotive industry, as well as in Electronics and Houseware. The group has 20 years of experience on 2K projects and it’s an European leader when it comes to water-assisted injection technology (WIT).
Arcus Air Group
The Arcus Air Group has founded 40 years ago and a strong background in solutions for time critical shipments. Since Arcus Air is a private owend Airline, operating a fleet of 8 owend Aircrafts, we could gain experiences in the field of time critical solutions based on Air Charter and On Board Courier services worldwide.
Laromet Metal
Laromet Metal SA is a leading provider of technological solutions for copper and copper alloys products like:bars, pipes, wires, strips and forgings, special alloys products, based on technologies of casting, drawing, extrusion, rolling and forging. Laromet Metal SA is exclusive distributor of Laromet SA, the largest manufacturer of semi-finished copper and copper alloys in Romania.
LA-CO Industries Europe
LA-CO Industries is a French-American company specialized in manufacturing industrial hand-held markers and temperature indicators. Our "Markal" brand is a worldwide leader in this field. With our Markal marking products we support the hardworking contractors that build automobiles, power plants and many other engineering marvels. Many of our products are already registered in IMDS.
Digital Twin
A strong and dynamic presence, Digital Twin, SIEMENS Industry Software partner for Romania offers solutions for complete digitalisation in design and manufacturing processes. The company's services aim at those industrial companies wishing to optimize their processes and understand the true innovative potential of their specialists, which they highlight through the most modern and effective technologies CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM.
The company is specialized in collaborative robots, having partnerships with Universal Robots and Kuka Robotics. Visitors have the opportunity to see the applications, their simple programming and talk to Cobotware experts at the booth. The company is a 100% Romanian company with over 7 years of experience in the field of industrial robots and efficiency of manufacturing processes through automation.
CGR Transilvania
CGR Transilvania is the mechatronic branch of CGR group. The group provides a complete range of industrial springs for the aerospace industry and not only. The main activity of CGR Transilvania is focused on molding and overmolding of plastic parts, cutting and stamping of metal, connectors, injection, with applications in automotive, electromechanical and other fields.
IT-PAC Romania
Our company’s main activity is production of plastic packaging for single use in APET , PS and PP . We have experience in production of trays for automotive industry. Our factory is located in Fagaras, Brasov an have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certification .
Since 1988, CENIT has helped companies around the world grow and become leaders in their field of activity by improving productivity and competitiveness. Today, they are one of the most important Dassault Systèmes partners and this allows them to offer the largest CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM software portfolio to their clients.
MBVTIM Consulting
MBVTIM Consulting was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing efficiency and optimization solutions based on advanced technologies in the field of engineering and manufacturing disciplines. MBVTIM SRL is the official representative of the company TEBIS AG in Romania.Tebis is a software company that develops CAD/CAM for a wide range of companies in various industries. The results obtained high quality parts made with CNC programs on machines.
IS Intelltech
Established in Oradea, our extensive services are designed to limit the downtime of industrial productivity by providing service and repair to a wide variety of electronic circuit boards, AC drives, DC drivers, servo motors, PCBs, PLCs, power supplies, control units , and more.
Alfa Test
Alfa Test is a company specialized in automation, inspection and test for electronics and automotive industry with 15 years experience in field. We are distributor and integrator for UR collaborative robots, MiR mobile industrial robots, Robotiq plug&play grippers and camera for UR, Optoforce Force Torque Sensor , Volume Graphics 3D reconstruction software, GE X-Ray inspection machines, Pentair racks&enclosure. See you for live demo at booth 75!
Lankwitzer Lackfabrik
As a premium label for coating systems Lankwitzer is the international leader in many fields of industrial applications. Our laboratories excel by innovation power and excellent competence in the development of future oriented coating systems. Highest professionalism from the stage of development to the production as well as passion for the fascinating potential of modern coating systems are our prerequisites to successfully be the leading brand.
Robotsnet Consulting
Robotsnet Consulting is a robotics integrator with more than 170 robots integrated in various applications like machine tending, vision, assembly, arc welding.
Renishaw (Cisimpex)
is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy and manufacturing. The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacturing, through to dentistry and brain surgery. It is also a world leader in the field of additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing), where it is the only UK business that designs and makes industrial machines which ‘print' parts from metal powder.
Trocellen is Europe’s leading manufacturer of chemically and physically cross-linked polyolefin foams and combines its skills in the foam production with various converting capabilities. Together with our partners we realize innovative applications and solutions that meet the requirements of the Automotive industry.
Mold Technology
Mold Technology Cugir produces plastic injection molds. The company offers a wide range of plastic injection moulding tools and provides professional services like: product design, injection mould design and injection mould manufacturing.
High Tech Tecnosky
High Tech Tecnosky is a Romanian company since 2001. We focus on finishing metallic and plastic parts (also chrome parts) by painting, pad printing, laser marking. For a complete service we can also inject customer's plastic parts before finishing and/or assemble after the finishing process. With our technical office we develop customised finishing process, graphic and colours for our customer. Main market: sport, automotive, appliance.
Founded in 1995, Matplast Srl. is one of the leading Romanian companies specialized in manufacturing of plastic injection moulds and casting dies for non-ferrous metals. Thanks to our experiences in production, our modern technological process of design and productionour company is one of the most important mould manufacturing companies in Romania.
Vilmar is a well-established organization over the past 40 years, highly specialized in manufacturing and selling a wide range of forged technological equipment and components for the energy, mining, nuclear, water, subsea chemical, petrochemical, power metallurgical, oil and natural gas industries. The products are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, standardized or adapted to customer requirements.
Cobotec Engineering
Cobotec Engineering, “The Cutting Specialist” is a company with over 12 years experience in the national market, distributing exclusively production equipment, industrial tools and professional accessories from the best manufacturers in the field. Cobotec’s mission in the national market is to become “The Cutting Specialist”, a trusted partner and customer’s first choice for cutting and machining processes mainly.
The Romanian company IMATEX SA presents itself as a competent technology partner for a wide range of products, from single parts production to complete machines assembling. The parts, assemblies and machines are produced based on the documentation received from the client. CNC machining, turning, milling, drilling, grinding and slotting can of course be found in our manufacturing routine.
Mold-Masters Europa
Mold-Masters is the global leader in melt delivery and control systems. Since 1963, the company designs and manufactures the plastic industry’s’ most advanced hot runner systems, temperature controllers and auxiliary equipment. With manufacturing and sales facilities in the Americas, Europe, India and Asia, Mold-Masters spans the globe with its capabilities. Mold-Masters is a proud member of the Milacron family of brands.
Harting Romania
Harting is one of the key suppliers for connectivity solutions for industry.The main industrial fields for Harting product range are robotics,machinery,automation,energy and transportation. With a global presence, Harting is covering a lot of demands offering a wide range of connectors and customized cable assemblies&harnesses.
NTN-SNR Rulmenti
NTN-SNR, 3rd largest bearings manufacturing group in the world, is a major partner towards the automotive, industry and aerospace sectors. The companies NTN and SNR have combined their strengths to become stronger worldwide and to improve their position in Europe. Now together in a single group, the NTN and SNR brands are clearly making the most of their complementarity, technologically, geographically, industrially and commercially.
Gelco Prod
Our company is profiled on the series production of precision diameters from diam. 0.5 mm to diam. 28 mm machined on automatic lathes, CNC numerical lathes and milling machines as well as precision series machining using the device.
Dedienne Roumanie
is one of the top leading European specialists in the conversion of high performance polymers. The group has 5 poles, high precision machining, injection and decoration, thermoforming and stamping, surface treatment and metallisation, products with electromagnetic compatibility. DEDIENNE Atlantique is responsible for the automotive sector and DEDIENNE Multiplasturgy for other areas.
TUV Austria Romania
The TÜV AUSTRIA Group is your reliable partner in safety, quality, technology, environment and education for your successful business and future. Through inspections, monitoring and certification, TÜV AUSTRIA experts unleash the full potential of all your business processes, plants, products and employees. The TÜV AUSTRIA mark is your key to sustainable competitiveness.
Engie Romania
Engie offers powerful and innovative energy solutions for individuals, businesses and communities with multiple advantages: a diversified gas supply portfolio, a flexible and low-carbon electricity production park and a unique expertise in three key sectors: energy electricity, natural gas and energy services.
QPI Group
Q.P.I. was founded in 1988 and since then has grown into an expert in the field of printed circuit board technology and design. Since 2015 the Q.P.I. Group is part of the FineLine Global group. One of the biggest PCB traders worldwide with operations in among others Germany, The Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, Scandinavia, USA, Israel, Russia, Italy, Switzerland and in China.
Effective Flux
Since several years, Effective Flux is involved all over Romania and abroad with process improvement consulting and training for nearly 150 companies, out of each 60% automotive. We led capacity increase, quality improvement or Lean deployment projects for local and multinational companies. For training, in 2017 we had 2500 attendees to our courses covering Quality, Engineering, Six Sigma and many other.
Rovimetal Galati is a Romanian-owned private company, founded in 1999. The firm is currently developing its own business model, derived from the combination of commercial activities with service and production activities. Rovimetal’s field of activity is focused towards specific activities of "Steel Service Center".
East Electric
East Electric was established in 1990. In 1994 we started to collaborate with Bosch and in 2010 we became system integrator for Bosch Rexroth. East Electric makes hi-tech applications using components from different departments like electric drives and controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, assembly technology and linear motion, sensors. Also, we are a sales partner for Bosch Rexroth, Aventics and Balluff.
TDM Transformation Decoupage de Metaux (Groupe EMI)
The Groupe EMI is one of the major stakeholder in the French metallurgy. Extending our activities in the automotive, we offer solutions which combine knowledge, quality and expertise. With more than 40 years experience, our group is recognized in the domains of: Tools and progressive dies, Cutting and stamping parts, Surface treatment and Shot Peening. We produced parts (stamping) in France (near Le mans) and in Romania (Prejmer, Brasov).
4M MP is since 1993 an manufacturer of plastic parts for automotive. We processing technical raw materials as PA6, PA66,,TPE, TPU on injection machines with clamping forces between 25 – 150 tone and blow molding max.5liters bottles. Our tool workshop is able to provide to our customer injection molds or blowmolding tools. We are a small team of employers which is very flexible for different volumes of projects.
Company Mecasonic was founded in 1969 initially as a company to manufacture ultrasonic welders and quickly established itself as a leader in its field. Today, our network of distributors, representatives and subsidiaries spans more than 22 countries. This coverage enables us to deliver our products to customers around the world and provide them with local service.
Beewatec Hungária
Operating at an international level BeeWaTec is taking the LEAN production and management into the future. Working from its base of operations in Pfullingen, where it was founded in the German state of Swabia, the family-run company has already been making contributions to lean production for a decade. The base product is the pipe racking system and accessories, a great help for the implementation of the Kaizen and Lean principles.
Thermi Metalurgica
Thermi-Metalurgica was founded in Romania in 2003 and it is part of Thermi-Lyon Group. Thermi-Metalurgica is specialized in heat treatment for automotive, leisure, public works, components and toolmakers markets. It answers to demands from large industrial companies and local industries looking for metallurgical competences in heat treatment. The company masters technologies for steel and aluminium parts treatment.
Modpack System
Operating from three locations throughout Europe: Prague, Ploiesti, Cluj-Napoca and Liverpool we pride ourselves on delivering a flexible and responsive service to all customers across a broad range of industries. With over 10 years of experience and a dedicated workforce of over 100 employees, we bring together personalized packaging products, freight forwarding operations, multimodal and heavy duty transport, plant relocation and project.
IRUM SA – 100 % Romanian capital company, part of the MAVIPROD SRL group of companies. Manufacturer of forestry machinery and equipment, forestry articulated tractors, front loaders, cableways.Manufacturer of Tag, Belarus, agricultural tractors. We provide spare parts for the entire range of Taf,TAG and Ifron. Spare parts for Belarus Tractors. 24/24 Mobile Service, Warranty, Post-Warrant.
We're an ISO TS/IATF certified specialized precision die-cut manufacturer with proven track record of cooperation with both automotive OEMs including VW, GM and Toyota as well as Tier 1 suppliers like Valeo, Denso and Panasonic Automotive. Our portfolio of products covers self adhesive materials for industrial identification, consumer warning and notice markings as well as direct materials for bonding, protection, vibration reduction and damping.
QSW Quality Service
QSW Quality Service Romania S.R.L., is a team with experience in organizing and carrying out project such as Professional Sorting, Installation of Warefilter, Firewalls, Q-Gates, CS I and CS II. Visual inspection, rework, assembly and disassembly, as well as measuring work are part of our service portfolio. Also Resident Engineering is part of our service that we would like to adjust according to your requirements and needs.
A family based company, since 1877, specialized in fasteners and thread technology. Producer of thread technology and worldwide supplier for various companies. About 60% of the turnover worldwide is done with the automotive sector. The company has R&D department and offers technical and logistic support to the customer!
Schulte & Schmidt
Exigency means passion, attention and dedication. The recognition given by our partners motivates us and sets us a vertical trajectory towards perfectionism. Thus, we look forward to the future with confidence and assume the objective of becoming the first choice in the aluminium high pressure die casting and machining for the automotive and non-automotive industries in Romania.
Imake3D Fablab
is a company dedicated to Additive Manufacturing technologies by providing the whole 3D Printing Ecosystem from 3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables, accessories and many more. In addition to this, we provide services for our clients like consultancy in choosing the right equipment, installation, training and maintenance for all of our products and even 3D printing services.
Nordson EFD
is the world's leading precision dispensing equipment and systems manufacturer. Our engineered fluid control systems are trusted for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids that increase productivity for nearly every industrial manufacturing process
Nexans Romania
Nexans is the world leader in cable industry. The Group has an extensive range of advanced copper and fiber optic solutions for the Infrastructure, Industry and Construction markets. Cabling systems and Nexans cables can be found in any field, from telecommunication and energy networks to aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, railways, construction, petrochemistry, medicine, various applications, etc.
Loire Etude Utilaj de Presa
is a stamping tool manufacturer established in Brasov. The company was founded in 2005. Loire Etude is a specialist in the area of press tooling for large scale and technically complex structural components for the car industry. Loire Etude Utilaj de Presa works alongside the leading carmakers and manufacturers (carmakers; first tier suppliers; stampers).
Part of VINCI Energy Group, Actemium it's a traditional partner of the Automotive segment producers (cars or components) advising, designs, integrates and maintains solutions and services dedicated to the automotive segment. We have by our local execution company SC TIAB a large backround, expertise and experience for electrical installations LV&MV, automation, HVAC systems, SCADA, energy efficiency, etc) including existing or new process lines.
Panduit Europe
Infrastructure for a Connected World. Connections mean everything. People thrive on them. Industry is powered by them. Society grows from them. And, in today’s hyper-connected economy, your connectivity can be the difference between driving competitive advantage and getting left behind. That’s why the physical, electrical, and network infrastructure underpinning your organization grows more essential by the day.
OBC Logistics
OBC Logistics is specialized in expediting urgent time critical cargo by utilizing On Board Couriers to ensure the delivery reaches its destination in the fastest time possible.
Chimsport Automotive
Chimica Group offer an wide range of services: project management, product design/design optimization, tool design and production, part production, assembly operation. Technologies available: Injection molding, MuCell assisted injection molding, Thermoforming, Contour 5 axes trimming, EPP/EPS injection, PUR foam dispensing robot. Business Groups : Auto, Home&Garden and Sporting articles.
Tenaris Silcotub
Tenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Our mission is to deliver value to our customers through product development, manufacturing excellence, and supply chain management. We seek to minimize risk for our customers and help them reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve time-to-market.
is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated production systems, chemistry, equipment, know-how and service for decorative and functional electroplating, semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturing.
Stettler Tech
Stettler Tech offers 10 years of experience in the manual assembly of plastic and metal parts, and 5 years experience in injection molding of technical parts for the automotive and electrical industries. We are a subsidiary of Stettler Kunststofftechnik and together we offer products from development to serial production.
Tehnoprod Plast
was founded in 1996 with Romanian-German capital, their initial field of activity being the injection of plastics. Now, Tehnoprod Plast is a private company having as main activity the production and sale of low voltage equipment. The products are exported to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia.
Savoy Moulage
An expert in injection & assembly solutions. Manufacturing of technical plastic parts, injected & overmoulded parts with high precision, components assembly by automatic or semi-automatic process. An expert in development & manufacturing of moulds. Location: France (headquarters), Romania, Tunisia & Morocco. Savoy Moulage is a subsidiary of the Savoy International.