Additive manufacturing, 3D printing
Automation and Robotics
Cleaning and filtering equipment
Components assembling
Compressed air and vacuum systems
Digital Factory Systems
Electronics - Electricity
Fasteners and springs
Finishing, thermal and surface treatments
Forge - Foundry
Forming processes in sheet metal work
Industrial machines and equipment
Industry services
Labeling and marking equipment
Maintenance and repair products & services
Materials and components - glass
Materials and components - metal
Materials and components - others
Materials and components - plastic, rubber, composites
Materials and components - textile
Materials and components - wood, cardboard, paper
Monitoring, inspection and control equipment
Motion, Drive and Automation Systems
Packaging and logistics
Painting - Coating
Plastics - Rubber - Composites Processing
Research - Design - HR - Training - Consulting
Screw - Cutting - Machining - Special Machines
Semi-finished products in metal processing
Supplies and consumables
Tools - Molds - Models - Prototypes
Trade press - Universities - Associations
Warehousing and Transportation
Waste disposal and recycling
Wire, cable, wire harnesses