Participants 2022

A game changer in the automotive industry, Dacia constantly redefines the essential car at the best price. The Dacia spirit means meeting its customers' needs with simple, reliable and robust cars, with no excess. Dacia is a modern brand that listens to its customers and is aware of the challenges posed by the mobility of the future.
Ford is a global automotive and mobility company. The Company's business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles.
Renault Technologie Roumanie
Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR) is the only automotive engineering center in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region and the largest Renault engineering center outside France, with approximately 2500 engineers. RTR mainly accommodates engineering functions (conception and testing), along with purchasing, design and support (management, human resources, IT). The main fields of activity are designing and improving vehicles and adapting engin
Star Transmission
Star Transmission was founded in 2001 and is part of the German group Daimler. Star Transmission and Star Assembly count over 3000 employees and the main activity domain is represented by the manufacturing of the gearbox components (Star Transmission) and assembly of the different types of gear boxes (Star Assembly).
Continental is one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, offering brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires, and technical elastomers. The company contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection, and is also an expert partner in networked automobile communication.
Stabilus is a world market leader in gas struts and hydraulic vibration dampers, with expertise in linkage systems: automobile and furniture industries, housing and building technology and medical products as well as rehabilitation technology. The company gas struts, dampers, and electric drives allow to optimize opening, closing, lifting, lowering, damping, and adjusting actions.
Thyssenkrupp Bilstein SA
Thyssenkrupp - automotive business. Thyssenkrupp is an international group of companies comprising largely independent industrial and technology businesses. In addition to steel production, ThyssenKrupp's products range from machines and industrial services to high-speed trains, elevators, and shipbuilding. Subsidiary ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems also manufactures frigates, corvettes, and submarines for the German and foreign navies.
As the worldwide leader in automotive safety, Autoliv sells to all major car manufacturers globally. Staying close to customers, Autoliv has a superior global presence and operations in 27 countries. Each year, our products save more than 30,000 lives and prevent ten times as many injuries.
Since, 1919 Preh has stood for technical innovation and SME-style flexibility. Having started as specialists for radio, and later for TV electronics, the company has evolved into a global supplier and much sought OEM partner in the automotive industry over the last decades.
Romtex Aero
We are specialized in aircraft cabin products , seats , harnesses , dividers , etc
We are a global provider of technological solutions for the interior of the car with the most complete and widest offer on the market
IFM Efector
With automation technologies ifm contributes to improving the living and working conditions of all people. Products, services and software from ifm help to protect the environment worldwide and to reduce CO2 emissions, energy and material use.
Ingun Prüfmittelbau GmbH
With powerful, efficient testing technology, we promote industry trends such as 5G, e-mobility, and the increasing miniaturisation of electronic components. The expertise gained over decades has made INGUN a global leading company with the most comprehensive portfolio of test probes and test fixture asseccories - anyone looking for tailor-made testing technology for efficient, reliable quality assurance comes to us.
Blickle Romania SRL
Blickle Romania SRL is the branch of the manufacturer of wheels and castors of the same name, Blickle Räder + Rollen GmbH u. Co. KG. , Blickle products are known for their high technical standards and excellent "Made in Germany" quality and are exported to over 120 countries worldwide. The wide range of products comprises over 30,000 different wheels and castors, with a load capacity between 15 and 50,000 kg. Details can be found on our website and catalogues.
ATX Hardware GmbH West
ATX is Europe's market leader in the production of test fixtures for electronic test procedures. As a specialised solution provider, we design and produce customer-specific products in semi-automated individual and small series production. Most of the devices are precision-engineered one-offs with varying degrees of complexity. Customers use the products for in-circuit, functional and final tests of electronic assemblies and PCBs. Our high level of innovation and quality is what sets us apart from the competition. As a medium-sized company, we employ over 150 people at two locations in Upper Bavaria (Pürgen) and in Baden-Württemberg (Weil im Schönbuch).
CIM has a long experience on supplying metal plate marking systems to the automotive and industrial sectors, necessary to identify products and components. Marking technologies : embossing, debossing , dot matrix , laser engraving.
Jankovits Engineering Kft.
As a manufacturer of unique machines we do not have a perpetual choice of products; we design and manufacture optimal single-purpose machines, production lines, automatic or semi-automatic equipments on the basis of the demands of our partners.We offer our clients a comprehensive service from conception to implementation.Over the past few decades we have successfully completed nearly 500 individual projects in almost every sector of the industry.
conTeyor is an international player in the development and supply of reusable packaging solutions for delicate manufacturing parts. The organization has been developing and producing patented sustainable solutions in textiles, plastic and steel since 1995. The company serves customers in a variety of sectors with a focus on the automotive sector. conTeyor offers innovative and high-quality products with the main objective of finding sustainable solutions for its customers. conTeyor is present in 34 countries across Europe, the United States and South America. The production locations are located on the same continents to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.
Klarwin® is the emerging European company specialised in technical consultancy, systems and services in the area of applied engineering for filtration, separation and purification of fluids and treatment of water.
SIRTEQ is the official representative of ATEQ in Romania. ATEQ is the world number one supplier of automatic leak testing machines & leak test systems for assembly lines or laboratories. ATEQ has developed a whole range of industrial quality control equipment ranging from electrical testers to pressure and flow calibrators as well as pressure and flow calibration services traceable to all international standards.
EXCOR is a trailblazer in the field of corrosion protection applying the VCI method. For over 20 years EXCOR has been marketing VCI films. Over that period the company has paved the way for highly effective corrosion protection solutions involving patented VCI products. Today there is a solution for virtually any need.
The main activity of EDOROM METAL company is cold plastic deformation, including the following processes: stamping, progressive stamping,bending and press assembly.We process all types of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, with thicknesses between 0.4 and 4.5 mm Automatic presses from 40 to 250 tf
Fabrica ANOROM este specializata în tratamentul pieselor din aliaje de aluminiu. Realizam următoarele tratamente Anodizare decorativa incolora si colorata, Anodizare dura, anodizare dura neagra, anodizare selectiva decorativa, anodizare selectiva dura, tratamente combinate Cromatare SURTEC 650+Anodizare, Cromatare SURTEC 650, Spalare industriala pentru piese din aluminiu, sablare, gravura laser, prelucrari mecanice pentru piese din aluminiu.
E-Cablaje is one of the main Romanian producers of electrical cables, control cables, brake and clutch, for motor vehicle, cords and leads, insulated, electric, with moulded-on plugs, cable assemblies, wiring harnesses/looms and cable connector assemblies.
We are the most important supplier of IT products and services and the main integrator of complex IT solution in the west part of Romania, one of the most certified companies in Romanian IT (technical, commercial and quality areas). We have a history of over 25 years and a performance constantly recognized through yearly nominations in the National Top of Companies.
Nutechnologies is an ambitious company, formed in 2012 and specializing in promoting innovative industrial equipment: 3D printers, laser systems for cutting, welding, 2D and 3D marking. We are authorized technical and commercial representative for: Stratasys - world leader for professional 3D printing systems Sisma - Italian market leader for laser systems
Euro Sandow Filiala Bucuresti
Euro Sandow is one of the leading producers for custom made elastic nets, shock cords, bungee cords, elastic straps, luggage and floor nets for a wide variety of securing applications. Most of the products are designed for the automotive industry as a 2nd tier supplier.
We manufacture 2D and 3D insulation and cabin interior parts for industrial vehicles with premium automotive finishing. Because we believe anyone driving an industrial vehicle deserves maximum comfort.
Gotec Rom
Gotec Rom is specialized in metal and plastic parts surface treatment and coating of rubber - metal parts with bonding agent, as well as production of blank metal parts on CNC lathe and plastic injection molded parts. Available surface treatment processes: Zn Ni treatment on racks with or without sealing Zn Ca Phosphating and Aluminium Phosphating in drums Degreasing: alkaline or with Perchlor steam Shot blasting Bonding agent application
Greiner Assistec SRL
Europe's leading manufacturer of customized, sustainable & innovative plastic solutions & products, packagings & machinery.
Vernicolor Group
Vernicolor locations: France, Romania, Tunisia, Mexico, Turkey Headquarter: Meudon Activities: Specialist in plastic decorated sub-assemblies Specialist in plastic parts painting (waterborne, solventborne, high gloss, UV) Injection molding Chrome plating Assembly / welding Screen-printing Hot-stamping Development of complete decorated products process including injection molds, assembly /control fixtures
GRUP SIMEX, founded in 2002, is specialized in manufacturing stamped parts and metal elements resulting from operations like cutting, bending and welding. With a dedicated professional team, advanced equipment and modern built warehouse GRUP SIMEX offers the guarantee of superior quality. GRUP SIMEX is certified by LRQA Romania with the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
ELGAROM has a state-of-the-art, electrochemical, low-acid, zinc-plating line that is completely automatic. The plant and the equipment that compose it are produced by renowned German companies in the field. Due to the complexity of the equipment the zinc plating line allows the zinc plating of different sizes on both devices and drums. On devices, zinc plated parts can have dimensions up to 1900x1200x450mm, while drums have a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.
Established in 2019, FEPO STEEL ENGINEERING has started its activity within the Tools Devices Verifier Department of GROUP SIMEX. The main activity of the company is the design and execution of stamps (punching tools) and molds (dies). Our equipment allows us to perform operations like: cutting, drawing and drilling based on coordinates, milling on CNC machine tools, flat grinding and turning / threading.
Team Montage is a general contractor specialized in steel manufacturing – with a manufacturing capacity of 100-300 t / month, civil engineering design, manufacture, delivery and installation of steel structures resistance, mounting components for perimeter closings and roofs, gypsum carton partitions, interior and exterior finishes, interior and exterior installations.
After many years of intensive cooperation with our customers we have established ourselves in the market as service-oriented sensor specialists and today we are represented by more than 7,300 employees in over 95 countries worldwide. Even though we have grown into a big company we have still maintained the virtues of the founding years: The flexibility and individuality of a small enterprise and the quality and professionalism of a group. And our customers are still today in the centre of our work - close to you.
I am a supplier in cold stamping area and I want to meet partners in this fields, in order to establish contact and know each other. Thank you
We are manufacturer of polyethylene packaging. Bags, bags, polyethylene rolls, natural, antistatic and regranulat LDPE foil bags, separators, foil rolls with simple or antistatic bubbles bags, polyethylene roller separators expanded boxes and polyethylene separators expanded simple and antistatic Fabria is 15 km from Timisoara. We have 3 own minibuses for freight transport. Our clients are companies in the automotive, electronics and mobile
Courier Network
We have more than 35 years of experience in the urgent shipping business, and we are available 24/7 all around the year at your service, with a state of the art web-based system to track and trace your urgent shipments on line. With our offices around the world: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Germany, Japan and EMEA, and with our partners worldwide – We can provide you the fastest shipping solutions.
Cablero Steel
With over 25 years of experience, Cablero offers innovative lifting, anchoring and handling solutions. Our products are used by brands all over the EU. Cablero manufactures lifting and anchoring equipment specially designed for the needs of our customers. Cablero is a reliable partner that offers configuration systems specific to each customer, including the necessary auxiliary accessories.
Our company is a consulting firm specialised in sourcing in the industrial field. (Mechanics, Mecano welding, plastic injections or forging) We are the representative of the federation of the French mechanical industries in Romania We carry out nearly 50 missions per year for Belgian or French companies to Romania and Bulgaria but we also accompany Romanian companies to export or buy in France or Belgium.
BOS GmbH & Co. KG
As an international company with locations in Europe, North America and Asia, BOS develops, manufactures and distributes innovative systems and components for the automotive industry. Over the last 100 years BOS developed into a global player working hard to acquire the technological and market leadership in essential product fields of the vehicle. Continuous innovation and improvements, cost-optimized development and production processes as well as highest quality ensure competitive advantages and satisfied customers. Founded in 1910, BOS is a privately held company including all subsidiaries. BOS's vision of a global and customer-oriented automotive supplier is carried out by a dedicated management and workforce focusing on customer-specific product solutions. BOS develops the best product for each car model using component kits and creative and passionate engineering. Product solutions from most economic to high end ensure highest customer benefits and continuously define the best available technology: - Luggage cover systems - Sun protection systems - Panoramic roof systems - Armrests - Cargo management - Safety restraining nests - Carrier systems - Plastics in the engine compartiment
Norka GT d.o.o.
Norka GT d.o.o. is a reliable partner in producing technical rubber parts with main focus and over 10 years experiences in the automotive and white goods industries. With modern machinery and excellent, highly qualified team of employees, we manufacture a range of high quality technical rubber and silicone products as well as composite products of combined rubber-plastic and rubber-metal.
Sefar – Filter Technology Leading in technical fabrics for around 190 years, Sefar has been setting standards worldwide as a problem solver with an absolute customer focus. Sefar AG produces precision fabrics, filter components and ready-made products for filtration/separation, high-precision screen printing fabrics as well as innovative, functional fabrics for a wide variety of applications.
Effective Flux SRL
Consulting , training and digitalization company with over 350 companies customers, deeply involved with improvement (quality, production, maintenance, logistics) projects , in automotive industry and other industries as well. New services : HIM system - an AR Poka yoke for the manual operation; Flexsim - best 3D layout simulation; Time and attendance platform; Quality documents(complains, PPAP) and tools(FMEA,CP, SPC, MSA) management platform; CNC training
Wizrom Software
END-TO-END SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS Welcome to Wizrom, one of the most innovative business management software providers in Romania! Over 25 years of experience on the Romanian market, we offer you some of the most advanced planning and optimization software solutions such as ERP, WMS, TMS, BI and HR. With a total of 4,100 active clients and over 40,000 licenses installed, Wizrom is able to offer the best software for every type of company: from relatively simple solutions aimed to the SME’s to complex specialized solutions for medium and large organizations acting in various vertical markets such as wholesale and distribution, retail, production, services, banking, insurance and auto. We are a team of 120-people professionals, with expertise in various IT and our mission is to offer our partners intelligent and innovative solutions, ensuring they are set for a path of business success. Wizrom Software is ranked in top 5 EAS providers in Romanian and has consolidated in the last years its presence and visibility at regional level, through the activity of subsidiaries in Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria, starting projects with multinational clients in Serbia and Hungary, as well as by creating a local network of certified partners.
Octavic PTS SRL
Octavic's mission is to deliver the best decision-making framework in the industry by offering real-time insights from manufacturing processes. As a young and dynamic startup, our solution is quickly being adopted by the pharmaceutical, automotive, and other manufacturing industries all around the world. To find out more about us, see
Stabilus Romania
STABILUS is the world market leader for gas springs and hydraulic dampers. With innovative systems for lifting, lowering and adjusting applications, STABILUS will further strengthen its market position in the automotive, industrial application/vehicle component and swivel chair segments.
Masterfoam Group
The Masterfoam Group has been processing flexible materials using technological diversity for over 60 years and > 10 years in Romania. Based on flexible foam, cellular rubber, and non-woven materials, we develop and produce customized products. The company has developed into one of the leading fabricators in the market so that today we can produce your valued products on our 3 locations from 2 continents. Based on our production facilities in the Netherlands, Quereataro and Bistrita region, we supply quality products, promptly and at competitive prices. In close cooperation with our customer, we focus specifically on their requirements and product wishes. The combination of extensive processing technologies, the use of a large variety of flexible materials and the excellent infrastructure leaves no wish unfulfilled. The application possibilities are for example acoustic absorbers, gaskets, comfort elements, insulation material, anti-squeak, rattle and harshness products, housing linings, load carriers, logistics solutions based on foam products, insulation materials, filter disc, spacers and pre-filters. In addition to our extensive machine park with die-cutting, cutting, laminating and slitting, we also offer complementary technologies such as CAD-cutting, waterjet-cutting, flat-bed-lamination, Ultra-sonic-sewing /-cutting, kiss-cutting as well as thermo-pressing and rebond-foam-moulding. Our plant in Sieu Magherus/Bistrita is certified according to IATF 16949.
Grupul Industrial Componente - GIC Nosag Metal SRL
GIC represents a group of companies dedicated to the automotive business, with a consolidated turnover of 128 million euro generated within the industry and 1700 employees. With more than 40 years of experience, today GIC has an optimized organizational structure driven forward by customer requirements and technological innovation within the 3 sectors we specialize in: plastic injections, PUR and metallic processing. Plastics Injection moulding, including 2K injection, over moulding, gas injection, welding, punching and assembling, tampo-printing. Solid & Foamed Blow moulding including welding and assembling Thermo compression Polyurethane injection moulding Metallic processing: Wire Forming Tubes Processing (bending, flattening, punching, stamping, welding) Welding by resistance / pressure / metal adding (MAG) Stamping (63tf to 800tf). Surface coating operations (epoxy painting, zinc/ Zn-Nk plating, KTL, rilsan coating)
CEBI Micromotors Switzerland SA
We are an international Group who create micromotors for automotive and other sectors.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Our innovative engineered solutions accelerate performance for customers in a sustainable way. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of polymer-based critical sealing solutions deployed in demanding general industry, light vehicle and aerospace environments
Centro Software srl
LET’S MOVE TO A BETTER BUSINESS WITH ERP AND INDUSTRY 4.0 PROJECTS. Founded in 1988, Centro Software has developed the best 2nd generation ERP with optimised organisational models that increase company efficiency and reduce costs in accordance with the “LEAN Organization” principles. We are a team of 150 high-skilled people, and we have a network of over 70 certified partners. Pinewood Consulting – located in Bucharest - is our Gold Partner for the Romanian market. Our ERP solutions are multi-language systems that represent the IT backbone of over 3.000 clients worldwide, including Romania. The management of CMMS and the integration ERP/MES, FCS, MRP and WMS are perfectly executed, and over 150 customized projects in the Industry 4.0 field have been carried out successfully.
PMC Project
We specialize in the design and manufacture of: Control gauges, jigs, GOM fixtures, OEM tooling. Vulcanization mandrills. Automation of production process - semi-automatic workstations. Indirect services and machines.
We would like to introduce ourselves as the most popular manufacturer of castor and wheel in Turkey. Operating for more than 60 years in this field, including our international sales experiences in various markets, we are well aware of; - Exact customer needs - The market competitiveness - Importance of price & quality - Sustainability in the long term As a brief reminder, we are the oldest manufacturer of wheels and castors for light, medium and heavy duty. We have a wide range of wheels and castors. We are the biggest supplier company for wheels and castors required in our local market. And also, we can meet special requests.
SYONEEX is a smart manufacturing platform for aggregating, consolidating, processing and distributing data in various areas and covering all industry specifics. With over 13 years of experience & knowledge of manufacturing processes, technological changes & industrial systems, we are dedicated to develop the best smart manufacturing platforms. Digital transformation is here and SYONEEX is the platform to help you achive perfect production. SYONEEX integrates Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) components and sensors enabling communication between ERP, MES and WMS systems. SYONEEX modules are: TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Digital Work Instructions, Production Monitoring, Changeover Management and Visual Management.
DEKRA Certification SRL
DEKRA Certification is a leading global provider of auditing and certification services, specializing in the automotive, quality, safety, environmental and health industries. DEKRA's expertise covers management systems as well as testing, inspection and certification of a wide range of products, components and equipment used in hazardous environments. DEKRA Certification in Romania is an impartial and independent certification body. We have Romanian and foreign experts to cover all areas of activity and to be able to offer you top specialized services. DEKRA provides you with qualified and independent expertise in vehicle testing and evaluation, from claims settlement, industrial and construction testing, safety consulting and product and system testing and certification to training and temporary employment.
Plastor is one of the most experienced plastics moulding company, by mold-injection and blow-molding. We manufacture automotive or industrial components with a high technicity level and we have in-house own tooling shop. We provide to our customers complete solutions for plastics from being an active part in the part design team up to the manufacturing of components or sub-assemblies and logistics worldwide.
Teca-Print AG
Teca-Print was founded in 1973 in Thayngen, Switzerland, and belongs to the world's leading pad printing machine manufacturers. The high-quality Swiss products are developed and produced in-house by Teca-Print. The range includes many customized printing systems for specific applications. By the further dynamic development of the products and the constant adding of technical innovation, Teca-Print has succeeded to integrate pad printing into new market segments. The Teca-Print product range includes pad printing machines and automations, peripheral devices, accessories as well as consumables as printing pads, cliché plates and inks. For every product, Teca-Print offers training, service and maintenance.
ACCENT PRO 2000 s.r.l.
R&D private company, founded in year 2000, with more than 35 complex R&D projects finalized, specialized in various NDT and especially X-ray imaging techniques for industrial Non-Destructive Quality control and Security applications, such as: In-line sintered parts dimensional and X-ray imaging quality control systems High-accuracy local density measurement for defects evaluation in NDT High-tech Equipment Prototypes and Software development for industry, security and R&D purpose Dual/multi-energy, scattering, diffraction techniques for materials identification in Tomography and Radioscopy Non-Destructive inspection of sintered and 3D printed parts by laser profiler for dimensional measurement and high-resolution X-ray technique for detection of internal defects. Non-Destructive inspection of Green and Sintered parts in real-time by an X-ray conveyor-based sistem Horizon Europe and National R&D Projects management Technical Consulting for R&D business development in Romania For more detalis please visit:
ALC Inject Polistiren
Experienced producer of moulded parts from eps and epp materials, for various industries like automotive, packing, white goods. Acting as tier 1 and tier 2 supplier for automotive epp and eps components.
Admasys Ro S.R.L.
We are specialists in 3D printing and 3D scanning
AFMECH is a company specialised in providing engineering, technical solutions in different fields such as Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Lubrication, OEM spare parts. We are independent from the manufacturers so that we can find the best solutions for our customers. We have more than 30 years experience in these different fields. We are active in the Automotive, Aerospace, Paper, Steel and Glass, Plastic Chemical and Medical, Food industries, as well as Renewable Energy sector.
Our MULTIPLASTURGY® concept allows us to simplify, LIGHTEN and implement your plastic projects, even the most complex. Expertise of the two factories in Romania (Fagaras and Deva): Thermoplastic injection •Technical and decorative parts •Over molding of inserts metallic •Gas assisted injection •Sequential injection Decoration •Painting (water based and solvent based) •Tampo printing •Laser printing •Serigraphy •Hot stamping •Roctool technology Chrome plating •Cr6 and Cr3 technology (for plastic parts) Metal Electroplating •Zinc coating (for metalic parts) Assembling •Manual and semi automatic assembly •Ultrasonic welding & assembly •Screwing •Control with vision systems Machining of plastic and metal.
Eltex Recycling S.A.
Eltex Recycling provides comprehensive and long-term business waste management services, starting with organizing the flow of collection process resulted from productions lines to identifying the right solution of treatment, recycling and recovery of waste. Our innovative total waste management services focus on driving costs out of your business and reducing your organisation’s impact on the environment. 1. We compile an efficient integrated waste management system fitted perfectly for your factory/location (bins, equipment, trained workforce, solution for waste). 2. We deploy equipment and manpower at your facility/location, so you will focus only on the main business activity. 3. We ofer 100% support, from collection directly from the production lines, to compacting, logistics, documentation for recycling/treatment of different types of waste, recyclable, hazardous types and find solutions for the non-recyclable ones. 4. You will have only one contact person for your waste management service, instead of managing multiple contracts for each type of waste. Our total waste management services are designed for your specific waste streams, waste processes and movements around your site, Eltex will manage your waste streams for you. We are your one-stop waste management shop — no need to sign contracts with multiple suppliers.
Schoeller Allibert Hungary Kft
Schoeller Allibert is the European market leader of returnable industrial plastic packaging solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and tailor made RTP packaging solutions dedicated to automotive industry, such as: Foldable Large Containers, Foldable Small Containers, Rigid Pallet Containers, Stackable and Stack/Nest handheld boxes, Pallets and Dollies. We focus not only on standard returnable packaging, but strive to foresee the trends of our main markets and invent new solutions to future needs in packaging. Enhancing efficiency of global supply chains with our ten product groups offer, our innovation teams are fully dedicated to design and develop smarter, lighter, faster and stronger solutions. This is why we say “we are innovating your logistics for a better world”.
KVT-Fastening is an expert for high-quality, special fastening applications and offers engineering solutions based on the wide product portfolio of the leading manufacturers in the market. High-performance solutions from KVT-Fastening are found wherever absolutely safe and secure connections are essential. These small but extremely resilient components play key roles where it matters most – whether in the electronics and energy sector, the automotive and transportation industries, aviation and aerospace, engineering and construction, precision engineering, or medical equipment. Solutioneering – always the best solution in mind KVT-Fastening does not just supply standard products and individual components, but also provides close and active customer support in the search for ideal solutions, particularly when specific requirements must be fulfilled. This portfolio is complemented by a range of innovative tools and machines as well as, if needed, the integration into automated serial production workflows.
Datirom Distribution
Datirom Distribution offers a complete range of industrial labels and tags, such as stainless steel tags, aluminium tags, plastic, PVC. All our products meet the strictest standards for design, testing and are backed by all required documentation. All products also comply with local regulations and international standards.
We are a multi-material company specialized in industry packaging, offering solutions in cardboard (including inlays, dividers, boxes and many more), honeycomb cardboard, packaging foam (EPE, PU, EVA foams) (cutting, stamping, laminating, assembly), ESD foam (dissipative, conductive), alveolar plastic (including returnable boxes with accessories and inlays), corrugated PP plastic sheets, corrugated PP plastic boxes, corrugated PP plastic dividers or wood/plywood/MDF solutions. Our services also include design, optimization and fast sampling.
We manufacture in Germany and supply systems for controlled and precise dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity fluids and pastes. Our products range from simple hand-held devices to complex integrated "in-line" 4-axis robotic systems. All our equipment is supplied directly from our facility in Kranzberg. Our highly qualified engineers and customer service team provide full support to our customers in Romania, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic etc. We enable perfect dispensing of 1K and 2K materials like below: Adhesives Cyanoacrylates Solder pastes Thermal compounds Greases Oils Sealants Silicones Contact: Antoniu Nichifor
TE–TE Plast is a company that deals with tool making and the entire process of development of plastic components through their serial prod. by a process of 1K and 2K thermoplastic injection moulding. Our focus is on the production and engineering of plastic moulding tools and the prod. of plastic comp. and parts for the automotive ind in which we’ve been present for many years. Manufacture of complex parts, insert moulding, over moulding. We have our own tool shop and plastic processing sector equipped with technical and technological equip, qualified staff and many years of experience. We offer a complete package of services–development and design of components, prod. and delivery of tools, as well as serial prod. of complete assemblies or subassemblies. Our mission is to understand the ideas and needs of our clients and the challenges they face today in terms of the precision, complexity and budget limitations, and to offer our customers quality products and services of exceptional value thanks to our highly trained and educated staff, which will help them to gain competitive advantage and profit on the market. Our long-term strategy is to be the partner with the highest degree of confidentiality among our clients through continuous investment in R&D, implementation of the latest quality standards for our products, through continuous efforts to achieve the best possible results in terms of price/effectiveness, in order to offer reasonable prices for our tools and plastic p
NC-Vision GmbH
NC-Vision was created as a revolutionary software toolbox for production and traceability, covering each process of a production environment from manufacturing execution, warehouse, track and trace, quality management and much more. Based on our approach, businesses from all industries mix and match just the modules needed for an affordable solution.
COFICAB is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of state-of-the-art electric wires and cables for the automotive industry. COFICAB also designs and manufactures wires and cables for the appliances, medical and industrial applications.
As one of the Global Leader in Interconnect Solutions, with a portfolio of over 100,000 electronic products and a proven commitment to agile R&D, Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including automotive, medical, industrial, consumer electronics and data communications.
CargoBuddy Solutions SRL
Cargo Buddy is the platform that brings carriers and goods together in one place, so that we can simplify the process, make communication easier and avoid unwanted problems. National and international freight solutions, personalized assistance for each order, fast and easy communication with the driver assigned to your freight, real-time notifications on the situation of transport, monitoring of goods, insurance of transported goods - up to 1 million euros, support community, freight services with personalized benefits.
Metria Ambalaje Sigure SRL
History of METRIA is a 20 years old success story with our clients with whom we have been working together in realization of Cost reduction and transport damage elimination programs. YOU ALSO MAY NEED OUR ADVICE! if you have transport damage. if you think your packaging cost is high. if you want to improve your packaging technology. if the special packaging knowledge of your technical and purchasing team is not sufficient. if you - as the leader – can’t see clear the packaging situation of your company. if you launch new packaging project or invite tenders for packaging materials or other auxiliary materials. if you didn’t find your problem in the above list but you have others. Please let us know how we can be at your disposal.
Eurosender SARL
Eurosender SARL is a solution-driven logistics control tower with a focus and experience in the automotive industry. We offer time-critical and dedicated transportation for hundreds of manufacturers and distributors. Both on-the-spot, regular shipments, and just in time require flexible solutions in the automotive industry. Eurosender manages a network of more than 3500 vans in Europe. Our vans are up to 1000kg payload and up to 8-10euro pallets. We have box and curtain side vans, which can be dispatched to your location within 2-3 hours, delivery in the majority of Europe the same or the next day. Visit us and discover and help us optimize your supply chain to the next level.
Our company’s activity consists in selling, installation and training of machines, measuring devices and equipment specific in non-destructive examination. We offer our customers complete, ready-to-use solutions. We are the exclusive Romanian partner of the following producers: Diatest Hermann Költgen, Micro-Vu Corporation, Magnescale Europe, SciAps, Sonotec, Automation Dr. Nix, QSA Global, Carestream NDT, Helling, Starmans Electronics. Our product portfolio: - Handheld analyzers (spectrometers) for chemical composition, SciAps - Multisensor 3D measuring systems, Micro-Vu - High precision bore gauges, Diatest - Portable measuring devices: flaw detectors, thickness gauges, coating thickness gauges, hardness and roughness testers - Linear encoders, laser encoders and digital gauges, Magnescale - Video endoscopes, ViZaar - Digital and computed radiography systems, Carestream NDT - X-ray generators and gamma source projectors, ICM and Sentinel - Equipment and consumables for non-destructive testing - Stationary equipment for magnetic control - Eddy current inspection systems, Rohmann - Industrial markers, Markal - Temperature monitoring labels, SpotSee, including Hallcrest - Black oxidation and phosphatising solutions and equipment of metal surfaces, Dewe Brünofix
Essity Romania
Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company - Sales in around 150 countries >48,000 employees - #1 or #2 position in about 90 countries - Develops, produces and sells Personal Care, Consumer Tissue and Professional Hygiene products and solutions. Tork is the world's leading brand in professional hygiene. We are committed to help our customers to improve their business, increasing productivity and improving your working life. This is the ambition that animates us and promotes our extraordinary innovations in circularity, well-being and health. As part of Essity, we are committed to meet our customers needs in a sustainable way, allowing them to save time, money and effort, so that they can focus on what matters most to their business.
Official partner in Romania of ALPHA LASER GmbH Germany Laser systems for all metalworking applications: WELDING, CUTTING, HARDENING, 3D PRINTER The areas of application are for welding, cutting and hardening range from very fine components in the fields of precision engineering / medical technology to moldmaking and heavy-duty pressing tools. Due to our many years of experience in laser development, we offer you a very broad spectrum of proven solutions for your application. We have developed unique laser devices especially for mobile laser welding. Sales, installations and maintenance services in warranty and post-warranty.
Stettler Tech SRL
Core competency: Manufacturer of technical plastic components for different applications of the Automotive and Electronically Industry. Strategy: More performance from one source: Consulting, Development and Design, Injection molding, Assembly, Logistics. Customers: Automotive, Electrical Products and Self Defense Products Production: Injection Molding and Assembly Plastics is our language Listening: we listen carefully to identify your specific requirements. Translating: we translate those requirements and determine what it will take to make them happen. Communication: we provide the information needed for an appropriate realization of your requirements. Implementation: we implement customer requirements and bring them into series production.
Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG
Pöppelmann KAPSTO® – Plastic protective caps and plugs for every application. Our KAPSTO® protective caps and plugs ensure optimum protection during production, storage and transport. Every protection element of our KAPSTO® standard program with over 3,000 versions perfectly protects your application. – All individually tailored according to your requirements. Whether robust, low-abrasion, temperature resistant or sealing – you will find the right protective element here.
Ansell Healthcare Europe N.V.
Ansell is an innovator in high-quality solutions for workplace safety, here to help you meet your goals. With over 125 years experience, you can rely on our team to help you identify, select and implement the most appropriate safety solutions for your employees. We’ve learnt a few things over the last 45 years of doing safety assessments. Every company is different and so is every worker. And all the operations they undertake and safety requirements they have are unique in their own way. AnsellGUARDIAN assessments lead to injury reduction, reduced cost to protect, increased compliance as well as PPE portfolio complexity reduction. At Ansell we strive to find a solution for any hazards that workers face throughout the day, creating a more productive and safe day at work. Our products are engineered to deliver the optimum balance of comfort, performance and protection. We provide customers in the automotive industry with tailored solutions to improve worker safety and productivity.
Kalinski Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
Our company is made up of automotive enthusiasts who have been continuously servicing, repairing as well as producing and distributing exhaust systems for all types of vehicles for over 30 years. The scope of our activities is the sale and service of components for exhaust systems of passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles.
E.ON Romania
Solutii de eficienta energetica pentru o afacere sustenabila. E.ON a dezvoltat un portofoliu de solutii care sustine afacerile partenerilor sai pe termen lung, contribuind la optimizarea costurilor cu energia si la diminuarea amprentei de carbon. Decarbonizarea, descentralizarea si digitalizarea sunt actiuni in focusul nostru care contribuie la o economie mai verde si imbunatatesc atat afacerile partenerilor nostri, cat si viata comunitatilor din care fac parte. Crestem sustenabilitatea afacerii tale cu solutiile noastre de eficienta energetica, personalizate pe profilul industrial si de consum al afacerii tale. E.ON Photovoltaic Solution - Iti produci intr-un mod sustenabil electricitatea necesara pentru autoconsum, reducand astfel costurile cu energia. E.ON PV Prosumer - Poti deveni prosumator de energie electrica alegand una din centralele E.ON, cu putere instalata de 60 sau 400 de kW. Astfel, vei putea livra in retea energia produsa si neconsumata, beneficiind de compensare directa sau tarif reglementat. E.ON Lighting Solution – Descopera o solutie eficienta de iluminat, bazata pe corpuri cu tehnologie LED si sisteme de control inteligent. E.ON Street Lighting Solution – O solutie dedicata municipalitatilor pentru iluminatul stradal, bazata pe tehnologie LED E.ON ORC Solution - Cu sistemele ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle), iti vei creste profitabilitatea deoarece vei putea utiliza surplusul de caldura reziduala pentru a produce electricitate.
UAMT is a Romanian automotive company with tradition since 1951 which can provide solutions in Plastic Injection, Metal Welding, Assembly, Stamping / Cold pressing, Steel Wire Bending, KTL Painting.
DLOG is a proactive and dynamic organization that offers high-end quality services , expertise in: Quality control,Quality engineering ,Logistics services ,Project management. The Team is driven by qualitative principles and by ethical business approach with an international profile. 1. Quality control:Inspection (IQI/PDI/IPV)  FIREWALL  Controlled shipping: CS1 / CS2 OTS (Opération Technique Specific)  Task force quality intervention. 2.Quality engineering : Resident Supplier development (FMEA, 6 Sigma, MSA, lean manufacturing, 5M, 8D Report)  Process audit include action plan and follow up 3.Logistics services : VMI/CMI  Reverse logistics  Customs clearance 4.Project management :Supervising the automotive handling system project in turnkey frame ; Sourcing plan ;  Project documentation;  Planning;  Smart labor services.
TAKT Recruitment
TAKT Recruitment provides clients with turnkey manpower solutions (Outsourcing of Asian workers, Workforce Recruitment and Consultancy Services). Through the outsourcing service we offer clients the workers needed on the medium/long term. We offer a special personnel recruitment framework specific to the automotive industry through our partner centers in India. TAKT Recruitment Romania is part of an International Group of Companies focused on providing manpower solutions to markets that are currently facing the issue of labour shortage and skills mismatch. Our group are pioneers in developing and implementing skills training and qualifications in the Middle East-India migrant worker corridor. The expertise of our group is in designing, developing and delivering end to end sustainable solutions that improves management and workforce performance, through the implementation of unique tools and systems that exponentially improve productivity. Our work and relationship with the UN, ILO, Indian National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Punjab Skills Development Mission, Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society (APNRTS), Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (UAE) and partners in India ensures that we have access to ethically recruited workforce. Our British and Romanian management team has an extensive expertise in recruiting, training, workforce management, consultancy and Romanian legal advisory.
Sartorom impex srl
Sartorom Impex srl
Bunzl is a focused and successful specialist international distribution and services Group with operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and UK & Ireland. We support businesses all over the world with a variety of products that are essential for our customers in the successful operation of their businesses. We are continually developing our global network to ensure we deliver the best service to our customers. We provide a one-stop-shop, on-time and in-full specialist distribution service across more than 30 countries, supplying a broad range of internationally and responsibly sourced non-food products to a variety of market sectors. By providing our customers with a broad range of essential PPE, available from stock, they are able to focus on their core businesses, achieve purchasing efficiencies and savings and minimise their working capital requirements.
KPM Technik is a company operating in the automotive and aerospace industries, offering consulting services in engineering, design and execution for various components, assemblies and equipments. The company provides customers with complete technical documentation covering the entire production stream of components and systems from the concept phase to the production process, including the design of tools and devices used in production processes.
Oechsler Romania
From the precision part to the high-end component, from design components to mechatronic devices or footware – OECHSLER has the system expertise to build customized innovative products, from concept to completion. Specialties: Healthcare, Functional Design, Additive Manufacturing, Plastic-Metal-Systems, Components for Vacuum Pumps, Assistance Systems for Autonomous Driving, Actuator Technology, Powder Injection Molding, and Sporting Goods
Vitecpower GmbH
Vitec Power GmbH founded 1987. Our portfolio ranges from power supply solutions and components, used in various applications such as telecom, industrial controlling, medical technical devices, military, defense, aviation, ATE, test & measurement, communications, automotive, EDP (electronic data processing) network, LED & lighting, and many more, to technical- and design support on site. It is our objective to assist and support our customers with our specialist skills and many years of experience, from the “idea” to series maturity (and beyond), to identify the individual requirements, to provide the optimal solution, and thus establish and preserve long lasting loyal customer relationships.
Consulting and Auditing The best solutions for your needs KangooPack specialists support the packaging process of the partners with a continuous and consistent supply of practical information, regarding the available equipment and consumable products, thus facilitating the selection process of the most viable and efficient solutions. Installation Support in the installation process KangooPack provides installation and installation assistance for each machine and training partner staff for both the installation process and the subsequent period. Technical support Maintenance and monitoring KangooPack supports the packaging processes of the partners, providing technical assistance for each machine it sells. The equipment sold by KangooPack requires a minimum time for maintenance and upkeep, and thus the operating costs will be significantly reduced. mika-baumeister-9Qq_G14hNC8-unsplash science-in-hd-ooNO0LlxZRM-unsplash Process Automation Semi-automatic packaging processes The equipment sold by KangooPack is specially created in order to optimize the technological process of packaging, thus supporting the sustained development of partner companies. Fully automatic packaging lines KangooPack offers fully automatic packaging lines (conveyors, selectors, rotating platforms, etc.), adjusted in full accordance with customer needs, from the product to the ready-to-deliver pallet.
Electrolytic Coating
Founded in 2013, Electrolytic Coating has established itself as one of the leading companies for surface treatment in Romania, currently supplying local and international customers. We're providing ZnNi surface treatment on metal parts for automotive industry, in both, rack and barrel technology.
Established since 1992. Automotive parts producer since 2004. Became Tier 1 supplier for Dacia, Group Renault, in 2010. Partner for Renault in many projects - DACIA LOGAN, DACIA DUSTER (all generations), RENAULT ARKANA, RENAULT K-ZE etc. Main industries served : Automotive, FMSG.
Sol International Kft
Business development in the supplier chain. For Eastern - Central European Suppliers Industrial Representation - Consulting We help CEE part manufacturers to reach Western EU partners in the automotive, industrial, household branches to contact and bring forward. In the following countries: DE, A, HU, SK, CZ.
Founded in 1864 by namesake Matthias Oechsler, the company has over a period of more than 150 years developed into one of the leading international suppliers of plastics technology. With our locations in Europe, Asia and America, we are close to our customers. With the help of some 3,100 highly motivated employees we manufacture products that make life easier, safer and more comfortable.
Mektec Europe GmbH is a subsidiary company of Nippon Mektron, the world‘s leading manufacturer of flexible printed circuits with production locations worldwide. With production locations in Germany (Berlin, Erkelenz), Hungary (Pécel) and the Czech Republic (Budweis) and 1,200 employees, Mektec Europe is mainly focusing on automotive, industrial, medical and smart electronics. Our production range includes flexible printed circuits (FPC), FPC with assembly (FPCA), FPC with components, plastic and/or sealing (FPC Module).
Tezcon Storage Systems SRL
Tezcon provides mainly from simple shelving to more sophisticated and complex automated storage solutions for warehouses and production plants. We offer key-turn solutions together with the products and services including consultancy, space-planning, technical drawing, installation and maintenance. We offer racking systems as well as safety barriers, protections and accessories for complete warehouse needs.
TP Electrics SRL
Cable harness production and PCB assembly. From battery connections, to tapped or corrugated tube protected strings. Our PCB assembly aptitudes enables us to approach also complex projects and offer integrated solutions such as board assembled PCB, with cable wires attached.
We wish to meet the business needs of our current and future partners, by offering tailor-made B2B service packages so that the emerging partnership is a long-term and always win-win journey. Human Resources Services Moveos supports the development of your business by removing the burden generated by lack of resources, sustained efforts to retain them, hiring support functions designed to manage them efficiently, all to meet your needs and on-time delivery of orders. Production and management of production units We address companies operating in the field of industrial production, companies that face various challenges in production processes. It may be a high rate of absenteeism and / or rotation, high costs of transporting employees or perhaps the pool of human resources in the geographical area of activity has decreased. On the other hand, expanding production with a new product or simply increasing the volume of orders may be reasons for you to have to find solutions to deliver on time. Production of electric utility vehicles We want to meet the needs of our customers with a 100% electric utility vehicle. Our electric vehicle has all the technical attributes to support you in your transport activities. Robust and compact, it can be easily used in a wide range of operations, ranging from agriculture and forestry, to park management, residential centers and to intralogistics activities, within industrial parks or even inside production/logistics facilities.
Kaiser+Kraft SRL
KAISER+KRAFT – A SERVICE PARTNER YOU CAN RELY ON SINCE 1945 FOR WORKPLACE HARDWARE KAISER+KRAFT is Europe's leading B2B trading group for business, transport, warehouse and office equipment. We have wide range of over 100.000 products and 2.000 employees in 19 countries, our technical specialist sales team members can advise on all applications and sort out any problems for you. From access towers to pallet trucks and stackers, we keep you "Equipped for Tomorrow" with high quality industrial products punctually, reliably and quickly. What does "Equipped for Tomorrow" mean for you? It means that when you have a specific need, whether this is in our standard range or not we will find or make an item to exactly meet your requirement. In most categories we offer 'Good' 'Better', 'Best' products that deliver different combinations of functionality, design and ergonomics. For KAISER+KRAFT the products themselves are just the beginning because when you deal with us you benefit from: – Extended guarantee period from a minimum of 3 years up to 25 years – 30 days return right policy – Complete project management from costed drawings to installation – Tailor-made designs from our extensive supplier base – Custom colors – Bespoke designs for transport equipment and trolleys – Special arrangements for deliveries – And complete customer service.
Continental Automotive
Continental is one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, offering brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires, and technical elastomers. The company contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection, and is also an expert partner in networked automobile communication.
Exiros is a global procurement company that offers integral solutions going from supplier sourcing activities to inventory management, within the Techint Group. Leveraging on market knowledge and purchasing power, Exiros also supplies materials for different customers around the world through its trading company. In Romania is the Procurement Company for Tenaris Silcotub - located in Zalau , Calarasi and Campina.
BOLE Europe Technology Co., LTD. Sp.zo.o.
BOLE is a high-tech enterprises that focus on the research, development and manufacture of precision injection molding machines. It adopts the mode of technology from Germany, made in China, integrates design, manufacture, assembly, testing and sales, and provides complete and professional Injection Moulding devices for customers. BOLE Injection Moulding Machines are developed and directed by German experts. The range of products covers nearly 100 specifications and 6 main series, including high-precision Two-Platen DK series, hydraulic servo EK-S series, full-electric FE series, Carbon-Fiber Products Intelligent Moulding Line CIML series, high-speed HK series and multi-materials injection MK series. The range of clamping force is from 70 ton to 6800 ton, and the range of injection weight is from 65g to 60000g. LONG-TERM PARTNERS BOLE proposes a comprehensive strategic partnership with the well-known household appliances enterprises including GREE, TCL, AUX, etc. Meanwhile, BOLE plays an important role in Auto industry and builds a strategic cooperation with famous auto-part suppliers including Ningbo HuaXiang Group, Germany Adler Pelzer Group, etc. So far BOLE has entered the supporting systems of Auto-part manufacturers and suppliers including Beijing Benz, Shenyang Huachen BMW, China FAW Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, Geely Automobile, etc.
Componente Auto SA
Having over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, the company Componente Auto S.A. (CAT Group) recommends itself as a reliable partner, both for the original equipment market (OEM) and for the spare part one, by its activity of design, development and manufacture of parts and assemblies
Renex Sp. z o.o., Sp.K.
RENEX is one of the largest and most experienced electronics companies in Poland. It has been providing modern technology for the electronics industry and related fields for 30 years. Also, RENEX is a manufacturer under the REECO brand of antistatic protection products, ESD: industrial furniture, clothing, accessories needed for this segment. We are the only CCI Training Center in Eastern Central Europe.
Cora Office Solutions
SC CORA PRINT SRL operates based on Law 448/2006, completed and updated by Decision 89/2010 and GEO 86/2008, legislative documents that regulate the activity and authorization of protected units. According to art.44 of the Methodological Norms for the application of choice 448/2006, "Protected Units" are considered "companies in which persons with disabilities carry out their activity, under certain conditions". Consequently, our society, through its activity, pursues the socio-professional reintegration of these disadvantaged categories and the right of persons with disabilities to a dignified, normal and independent life. We present the advantages of a partnership with a protected unit. The equivalent value of the products or services provided by our company as a protected unit according to the authorized CANE codes, will NO longer be paid directly by you, but will be deducted from the budgetary fees paid monthly. Save on your budget. You'll be able to save on other budget chapters. Help the integration of people with disabilities into society. Increase your company's public image.
Abeba Group
When people who bear responsibility are focused and committed to their work, abeba has a supporting role. Because our footwear is there to help our customers do their jobs with lasting ease. Our occupational and safety footwear is predominantly all about protection and safety. From year to year, the focus shifts more and more from minimum requirements to perfect wearing comfort and attractive styling. We work on this every day: founded 80 years ago in Saarland, we have been delivering all over the world for decades. In addition, we have been one of the market leaders in the ESD and cleanroom sector since 1988. With continuous healthy growth, today the brands abeba, Protektor and Grom form the abeba group.
CONDUCTIVE the plastic thermoforming company designs, manufactures, and sells tailor-made logistic products for individual industrial projects since 2003. We produce logistic trays, sell plastic containers, pallets, and plastic crates (also in ESD). We are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We supply several top car and electronics companies. We have meaningful exports to the EU and also to Romania. In recent years, we became the exclusive representative of several successful foreign companies too.
SR2C Industrie SRL
SR2C is an expert in industrial packaging, implemented in Cisnadie Sibiu since 2005 and part of the Mecatlas Group France. We offer complete sustainable packaging solutions, designed to protect your products, whatever your supply challenges. SR2C designs, develops, produces and delivers a wide range of industrial reusable packaging, from steel containers for transportation and storage to textile packaging for all kind of industries: automotive, medical, railway, food, aeronautical, etc.
ITMES Hungary kft
ITMES Hungary has been designed to meet the growing needs of industrial consumers and beyond for the repair of electronic machines / equipment. Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in repairing industrial electronic equipment. Thanks to our accumulated experience, we can say that we are able to respond to any technological challenge. INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Repair of electronic components for industrial machines, frequency inverters, power supplies, PLCs, etc. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Acquisition and installation of production robots or other automation. Scada, process management, production management, etc. Among our main activities we can mention the following: Industrial electronics repair and automation Electronic boards production Computer networks/servers/cloud solution Advanced IoT Security systems (surveillance and security systems) Advanced Fire protection systems Building management systems (BMS), design of intelligent buildings Parking systems (with payment or license plate recognition) Bath, fitness, wellness, spa access and registration systems (wristbands, cards,etc) Personal Protection Equipment storage machines (with waste management) Automatic warehouse storage machines
Ejendals AB
Jalas safety shoes since 1916 and Tegera safety gloves since 1949. Protecting hands and feets.
Kromberg & Schubert Automotive SIBIU Office
Kromberg & Schubert focuses on the development and production of complex wiring systems for the automotive industry. In Addition, plastic parts are currently produced alongside custom wires in over 40 global locations. The dedication and integration of our Development, Production and Quality Management have top priority at Kromberg & Schubert in order to enable any solution to be implemented to perfection.
INOVI SMART TECHNOLOGIES combines cutting-edge technology with innovative design that changes the concept of advertising and the way businesses interact with their customers.
Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment
ELECTROPRECIZIA S.A. Group, established in 1936, has a long experience in the field of plastic injection,electric and electronic equipment manufacturing. ELECTROPRECIZIA ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT S.R.L was established in august 2009 and it is specialized in plastic injections, electric and electronic equipment manufacturing, mounting and assembling. We also manufactures products designed within Electroprecizia SA, and carries out Lohn production.
GESIPA® is a leading developer and manufacturer of blind rivet technology and system solutions. We consult and supply many different business markets worldwide as part of the international acting SFS group. Ongoing investment in our site and staff development is the driving force behind our high levels of innovation, reliable processes and strong partnerships. One area in which we excel is the perfect alignment of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts nut studs and setting tools with our customers' requirements for their components. In line with our certified quality management system, all of our products are subject to extensive quality assurance measures and function checks that extend well beyond the standard scope. Our mission is to achieve even the most complex of requests for our customers. But don't just take our word for it – see for yourself!
Rösler Romania SRL
We are your partner for innovative mass finishing and shotblasting technology. Rösler is the only surface finishing supplier in the world that offers the two most essential finishing technologies, mass finishing and shot blasting, as well as industrial washing systems and in-house production and development. Our newest line of business is the AM Solutions, which brings the latest 3D postprocessing technologies on the market.
Simea SIbiU SRL
Manufacturing of electronic components , Power Supplies
Connecto Retail SRL
Connecto Retail provides automated catering solutions 24/24 system - Smart Solution for Innovative Catering.
Kocevar d.o.o.
At KOCEVAR d.o.o. company, we are dedicated to resistance welding, employing the best experts in the field of resistance welding, constantly educating our team and following trends with emphasis on innovation. The company has been working in the field of welding since 1969, producing the industrial resistance spot, projection, seam and micro-spot welding machines.
Ford România este un producător de automobile cu sediul în Craiova, România, subsidiar companiei americane Ford.
Nordson EFD
Nordson EFD is the leading manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems. Our dispensers, dispense valves, dispensing robots/automated dispensing systems, syringe barrels, and precision dispense tips are trusted for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, oils, and other high-performance assembly fluids. EFD also offers a complete line of quality ISO 9001 certified solder paste for printing and dispensing. Nordson EFD provides precision fluid dispensing solutions to make the products you use every day. From the mobile device in your pocket to the climate control switch in your car, and even life-saving medical devices, our solutions touch lives.
We are selling car, truck, tractor parts and workshops equipment. We are looking for suppliers.
Masterfoam SRL
provider for converting Foams and Flexibles
We are a leading global supplier of thermoforming systems and tool systems for thermoplastics and cardboard. As an organically grown family business, ILLIG Maschinenbau offers the market's most comprehensive and varied range of thermoforming machines and tools, as well as complex production lines and individual components. With the unique packaging development, Pactivity® 360, and the high-performance packaging systems, we supply our customers with resource-friendly and sustainable solutions, and support packaging manufacturers in design for recycling. As the ILLIG Group, we operate with eight of our own service subsidiaries around the globe and two production sites in Germany (headquarters in Heilbronn) and in Romania. Our customers in over 80 countries have been successful with ILLIG systems for 75 years - and we with them. This trust drives us to continue to be there for you with technical know-how, innovations, highest quality, reliability and comprehensive, worldwide service.
Located in Romania, we are the first & biggest producer of Central Eastern Europe of non-woven textiles , 100% vertically integrated the production for medical , personal protective equipment , consumer health and industrial textile. With a production space of over 25000 sqm and 350 employees, we focus to deliver the received orders in the shortest possible time (2-4 days ) with best in class business conduct in order to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction. Environmental responsibility Environment Responsibility- TECHTEX HAS BECOME A REGISTERED WASTE RECOVERY & RECYCLING OPERATOR Techtex started recycling 100% of its internal textile waste in June 2021, and we will develop this project because we are committed to expand the recycling also of external textile waste after consumption.
Flaro Prod SA
We are a Romanian private owned production company, working in the field of Automotive, Household Appliances and other Industrial markets. Having more than 50 years of experience in injection molding and stamping, our other core competencies include assembling, CNC turning, electroplating in cylindrical drums and pad printing. We are IATF 16949 :2016 certified.
For XSCEZA, the official distributor of Mobileye, an Intel company, and Lytx, driver safety is the top priority. We know that traffic in Romania is not the safest and most civilized and that is why we offer you two of the best solutions in the field of road safety. Our Mobileye technology is implemented in over 100 million vehicles today and is present in the first equipment of over 300 car models. The Mobileye system is an assistant that never sleeps, constantly monitors the traffic in front of the car, identifies potentially dangerous situations and alerts the driver with audible signals, giving him extra reaction time to avoid a collision. With more than 20 years of research and development, Lytx Surfsight has protected over 850,000 drivers in a variety of industries, including special transports and commercial fleets. traffic. With warnings about the risks encountered in traffic and risky behaviors of the driver, both solutions close a circle in reducing risks, between external, traffic, and internal, in the cab, carelessness / fatigue in traffic. Both solutions are world leaders and are based on the latest technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our market segment is represented by commercial fleets, auto-manufacturers and insurance companies. For more details: We will be happy to give you more information directly. Don't hesitate visit us!
Valeo is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. As a tech company, we design innovative solutions for smart mobility
Foams and Flexibles Converter
Lingemann Bescaffungssysteme
With Lingemann you get everything from a single source. With an extensive and flexible product portfolio, we can fulfil almost any product requirement for our customers.
ugs stampaggi
SC Flaro Prod SA
Flaro offers a comprehensive range of specific services and is at your service for any additional information on products, services and production capacities. Flaro have the following services: - injection molding - metal stamping and bending - metal plating - manual assembly - CNC turning - PVC sheet welding
DPR Dräxlmaier Procese de Productie Romania S.R.L.
We supply world-class, premium automobile manufacturers with complex wiring harness systems, central electrical and electronic components, exclusive interiors, as well as battery systems for electromobility. The combination of the core competences in interiors, electrical, electronics, and battery systems makes DRÄXLMAIER unique in the industry.
Flaro Prod
We are a company that has a rich cultural heritage. We form a team that defines our brand. We dare to capitalise on the “new” and therefore our work is directed in several directions. Production in our company is not a story about new plants, it is a story about loyalty and enthusiasm of people who learn to work in a totally different way. We are inspired by our customers’ expectations. Our road to transformation has revealed increasingly better working methods. We know Europe, but we want to share the experience of Flaro beyond its borders. Main Services : -Injection moulding -Metal stamping and bending -Metal plating -Professional manual assembly -CNC turning
We are a global provider of technological solutions for the interior of the car with the most complete and widest offer on the market
Continental Automotive Systems
Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary. The Automotive group sector comprises technologies for passive safety, brake, chassis, motion and motion control systems. Innovative solutions for assisted and automated driving, display and operating technologies, as well as audio and camera solutions for the vehicle interior, are also part of the portfolio, as is intelligent information and communication technology for the mobility services of fleet operators and commercial vehicle manufacturers. Comprehensive activities relating to connectivity technologies, vehicle electronics and high-performance computers round off the range of products and services.
Work wear company